How to get laid in 15 days even if you are kissless virgin?

Friend zoned regularly? Struggling to find a girlfriend? Not anymore!

These books will teach you the exact steps that will get you laid like a Rock Star by cracking the code of attraction that’s not mainstream dating advice. They are the only books you need to get fulfilling sex life and even more…

The eBooks contains following:

-How to become more attractive

-How to improve your sex appeal and BadBoy vibe

-How to go alone to bar and get laid

-How to be playful and make women wet

-How to build confidence

-How to deal with cockblocks and approach multiple girls

-How to get rid of the fear of rejection

How turn tables and make her chase you

-How to improve your social skills

-How to not Give a Fuck

-And much more…

I’m going to share my gems with you. The gems that distracted me from that ’nice guy’ who always got friendzoned, to the pimping player getting sex with several new hot women weekly.

Even if you are virgin, these routines will explain each step you need to achieve that Player Lifestyle. These routines will change your life forever.

Have you ever heard this phase: ”You are so nice guy. A one day some very lucky girl will find you and you will make her so happy!”. You know how frustrating that phase is.

I got heard it a lot. It was always told by the girls that would never had had sex with me.

You know how fucking bad it feels to get friendzoned by the girl you have had a lust for a long time. Even worse, twisting the knife in the wounds is seeing her lusting after some douchebag who don’t give a fuck about her but only fucks her and move on to the next girl.

It always made me wondering why do they fall for these scumbags who treat them like shit.

It crushed my self-esteem to see these guys finding girlfriends so easily, while I didn’t even hadn’t had my first kiss. I knew a many cases where the guy wasn’t even goodlooking, but still managed to get laid easily or find girlfriend/s.

I was decent looking with great body due the years of training at gym, but still struggling to even get that first kiss.

It was enough for me. I decided to make a change. I knew there had to be some kind pattern that got these guys laid so easily. The looks wasn’t the deal breaker. Some of these douchebags were way below average looking.

Long story short, I decided to do anything to find a girlfriend. I was ready to face thousads of rejections in attempt to break that code.

And I faced them. A lot. Until little by little I reached my goal and cracked the code of attraction after approaching hundreds if not thousands of women.

You don’t need approach that much, because I have already made the fieldwork for you. I have found out what ways of approaching women gets you friendzoned, gets you rejected, gets you laid, gets you to have threesomes, gets you to find a girlfriend.

It’s your time to shine now. It’s your time to leave that never ending friendzone and start living the life to the fullest. You deserve the better dating life than these scumbags. Ironically these techniques are very close how they behave. Although you don’t need to turn yourself into the douchebag. You can still be yourself.

The techniques in the books aren’t pickup lines or stories you need to train in front of mirror so you can deliver them to the women. Personally I don’t believe that kind of crap. The goal of the techniques in these books is to naturally make you the most attractive person of yourself. To make you to naturally have a flirty, playful attitude. To make you a guy with huge balls and full of confidence to approach 5 women and flirt with them without even giving a fuck if you get rejected.

’15 Days Challenge’ book is designed to beat your fear of rejection and approach women everywhere. ‘The Lonewolf Game’ teaches you how to go solo to bars and get laid. ‘How to become SexGod’ gets your sex life to the next level.
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If you have followed the mainstream dating advice, you’ve probably realized that it’s total bullshit. The techniques in these books are way out of mainstrream dating advice. They are the actual advice that will get you a laid and a lot. They contains the advice that most men will never hear in their lifetime.

If you follow these steps, you will fuck multiple women weekly.

In the case you want that. If you just only want to find a girlfriend, there will be no more issues to find one. But after you have achieved that player demeanor, you probably don’t even want one yet. At least for a while. You probably want to have the time of your life and forge memories to remember for.

You may even need to become the one who friendzone them, because you have so many opportunities. These books teach you how to retain her interes and make her chase you. How to turn the tables. It’s almost like magic how you make her feel so good that she will desperately wants to get back to your bedroom. It’s up to you now how you want to continue…

The freedom of holding the power by yourself.

After you achieve the player demeanor, you’ll no longer need to drink alcohol and get wasted in order to have courage to talk with women. Imagine how good it feels to not have your dating life dependent on poison?

Or your dating life isn’t dependent on your social circle. You will be the boss of your own. If you have a boring evening on saturday, you can just go alone to bar and pickup hot women and fuck her brains out. Going alone to bar? It may sound scary or creepy, but le me tell you that I have had one of the best nights by going alone. You will learn exactly steps what to do and how to go alone to bar and get laid.

The most important thing though is actually calling the action and starting your journey today. I used to have that mindset of ”I’ll do it tomorrow”, realizing I hadn’t got it done in months. If you always skip it for tomorrow, you will never make it. If you really want to skyrocket your dating life, you need to start today. This way you will not skip it on ”tomorrow” and realize after years that you have wasted your life.

It’s your time to escape from the Friendzone. It’s your time to be no longer ”mr. nice guy”. It’s your time to live your life for fullest. It’s your time to become the boss.

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Comment’s I have had on the book (old version was only one instead if 3, these new ones are complication from that and updated and more advanced than my old book)

Just read your book and got laid on the same night with ur method. Good stuff bro keep it up! 

By Playa

I like your style for going straight to the point and skipping useless games. I’ve never went bar alone, but now after reading your book I’m actually interested. There were good points in book but I’m still confused how to get courage to start this all? If you can give some tips I would appreciate

By Dave

Its fucking glitch. Its glitching the biology. This shit should be taught at school. Finally no bullshit information to get girls. Thank you Brad! I found my first girlfriend by following you.

By .ExNiceGuy.

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