How to get over the Jealousy and feeling of Envy?Eliminating the Negative thoughts.

Negative thoughts. They are things that won’t bring anything in your table, but will drain away your energy and prevents you to succeed on every aspect of your life.

Feeling of Envy. It means someone has something you desire but you haven’t acquired. And you probably think you can’t acquire.

If you spent all your time and energy being jealous, you are only damaging yourself.

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Why you should start Martial Arts?

I have a long history with different kinds of martial arts (Around 10 years).

By starting training them was one of the best decisions of my life.

Even they didn’t directly did beat my shyness or granted me girls, they had a much better impact on my life.

The discipline they taught. It’s a lot more valuable than getting laid. It helps you in every aspect of life, by granting you the mindset of iron will and not give up.

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Lonewolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

Lonewolfmentality is a philosophy for me to be the boss of my own. The goal is to not be follower of the pack, the society and let my happiness being dependent by other’s, but having my happiness only being dependant of my own actions.

This doesn’t mean being a thug or outlaw. The goal is to:

  • Acquire as much money or great career to not be dependent on the rat race and having fate as wage slave on the dead end job.
  • Acquire demeanor that I can do things happily alone that normally people wouldn’t. Like going alone to bars, movies etc. In other words, being not dependent on schedules but having my own clock to do whatever I want whenever I want.

This doesn’t mean being loner without friends or social circle. By acquiring the demeanor above actually expands the social circle, as you are not afraid of going alone to social events and meet new people, making new friends or relationships.

At the young age I was very shy. My social happiness was dependent on other, more social people who would approve me in the group. To not have that kind of pressure to being approved in the group is very stressing. I didn’t make any friends in highschool and was loner there. I had though social circle beyond school. But anyway, it sucked bad to not have any friends in the school.

After graduating, with zero experience with girls, I wanted to make a change and decided that I want to achieve the goal mentioned above. Being shy guy, no friends in work as a wage slave would have been the nightmare.

So long story short, I made it and acquired the demeanor (not money, still poor as f#ck). If you haven’t read my prolonged background story, you can read it here: “Brad’s transformation story from shy guy to Player”

At the college, the game was changed totally compared to highschool.

I made a lot of new friends, connections and got lot’s of girls. This demeanor also helped to get better jobs and making new friends and connection at the work.

But still moving on life as a lonewolf.

I can go travelling alone, having the time of my life and explore the world.

I can go out alone and pickup hot women without social pressure.

I love to go alone to take a long walks in the forests and nature.

I love the peace of going alone to restaurant and eating without hurry of time schedules.

I love to go alone to gym and have the hard workouts that grant me the endorphin rush.

Fleshlight Review

When I first time heard about the fleshlight a long time ago, I became a curious.

I read people experiences with it, hearing it feels like a real pussy or even better. These kind of reviews sounds too good to be true, sounds like paid reviews. I didn’t believe it could be possible, but I was still curious enough to try one.

So I bought one. For my own pleasure. And for training the stamina for lasting longer in bed. I always buy something that can be used for self-improvement.

My experience

I went to sex shop and it was awkward as fuck experience for me to go there. At the time I hadn’t got over my shyness yet so I was sweating there. Fortunately everything went fine. My voice was shaking when the cashier was asking if I need anything else, but I survived.

First thing when I returned home with brand new Fleshlight and huge tube of lube, was going to shower. Not for using the Fleshlight, but because of sweating more than running a maraton due the nervousness.

The next thing was of course taking the action and unbox the Fleshlight. I was so excited. With shaky hands I rolled the cap and took it on my hands, reading the instructions at the same time.

It said you should not warm it up on microwave, but in warm water example. I was careful and didn’t want to risk it, so I filled a bucket with warm water and put the Fleshlight there. After warming up, was time to test if it was scam or not.

Took some lube and started jerking off with it. I remember instantly thinking this was a great investment.

A warm, soft, tight tube itching euphorically my cock. The material used in it is a very good. Wins masturbating easily.

Does it feels like a real pussy? Not, but the physical feeling is pretty accurate almost. The Fleshlight feels great. An excellent. I highly recommend it.

Training the stamina

For training your endurance to last longer in bed, the Fleshlight is a killer.

The intense feeling, especially first times, makes it hard to resist the cumming. Train edging with this and your stamina in bed will skyrocket. If you are not aware of the term, it means masturbating to the point you are almost ejaculating and then stopping. Then repeating. By training this you can easily control your orgasm and not pre-ejaculate when it’s time for real sex.

It’s good to ejaculate at the end of your stamina training, so you won’t get blueballs.

There are always cons

As everything, the Fleshligh has it cons.

As great as it feels, there is a process like warming up and cleaning. None likes cleaning.

Fortunately cleaning the Fleshligh is not a big deal, as you can wash it with water in sink. Don’t use soup, water is enough. Then you need to let it dry.

Also the duration of the warmness is not very long. You need to rewarm it pretty soon if you are taking a longer sessions.

So the biggest con in the Fleshlight is the duration of time it takes to use it.

The Conclusion


  • Wins masturbating easily.
  • Almost feels like a real pussy.
  • No pressures, you can only focus on your own pleasure.
  • Good way to train your stamina to last longer in bed.
  • Last long, as long as you clean and dry it properly.


  • The process of the use. Warming it up, cleaning, drying.
  • Pretty quick cool down.

Would it be worth to buy one? Yes, I would recommend based on my own experience. Especially if you are having trouble to last in bed, Fleshlight is a good way to train your endurance safely alone.

Remember to buy some lube besides it, you’ll need it.

How to retain woman’s interest after first time of having sex if you would like to meet her again

Let’s go through steps about what to do in situation where you have had sex with new cool girl you would like to meet again. No one night stand, but retaining her interest and maybe building a relationship, making her your new Girlfriend.

The first time when your p is in her v is the most critical point of how things will continue after this. Will she be more interested in you? Or will she lose the interest? Is she willing to meet you again?

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How to build courage to approach women with zero fear and not caring about rejections – Complete Guide

So here’s is the guide how you can build a hard core of inner confidence of not giving a f@#k about rejections and how to approach women confidently with no fear.

As you now know my background, I started this journey by going alone to bars. That put me really uncomfortable situations and wasn’t probably best way to start this. But the real improvement when I got completely rid of my approach anxiety happened after I started applying these drills in this method on daytime. Continue reading “How to build courage to approach women with zero fear and not caring about rejections – Complete Guide”

How to meet girls if you cant drink alcohol and go to bars or don’t want to use Tinder?

If you are like me, whose body can’t stand alcohol, the effort of going bars can be too big. However I used to go lot of bars by being sober, I still managed to find a ways to get girls besides bar scene or Tinder. I’m going through in this post ways you can meet girls if you cant drink alcohol.

Where to meet women if it’s not bars or clubs?

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How to get multiple new girls every week

By doing this you can get multiple new girls weekly.

  1. Firstly install Tinder if you already don’t have it. Get good pictures, if you have ripped abs show off them. Try to get numbers and setup dates. Don’t worry if you don’t get much. The best way to get girls is below, use Tinder just besides them, don’t focus too much it.
  2. On weekdays, if you already haven’t setup dates with possible Tinder girls, go to approach girls on daytime. Example on shopping malls or coffee shops. This may sound scary, but don’t worry. Start it slow, by talking example one girl a day and you’ll get better and confident around girls. Here is step by step guide how you can courage to approach and get phone numbers -> Complete Cold-approaching Guide. Try to get instant dates with girls you pick up, I prefer going to pub and taking a beer. Coffee date is good though, but best success I have had with pubs. These usually ends up in sex on first date. If you are not into one nights stands but want to date and know girl better, then coffee date is good. Here is also example guide how you can go for sex on first date ->How to be playful and escalate on dates.
  3. On weekends. Friday, Saturday. Maybe also on Sunday. It’s possible to get at least one girl with every night of them if you go to bars or clubs. On the daytime you can still have dates, but if they aren’t going anywhere, go to bars on night. You don’t need to get wasted and drink alcohol. I prefer going alone, it’s best way to get girls. It may sound scary, I almost shit on my pants when I first started doing it. But getting enough out of comfort zone and doing it again and again, I got good at it. I could confidently go talk with group of girls picking up them. Here is guide how you can get laid on bars or clubs -> How to pickup girls at club/bar?

This should be common sense, but take care of your looks besides doing methods above. Hit the gym if you already don’t. Get ripped abs (This alone makes it much more easily to get girls). Haircut that suits you. Beard/stubble if you can grow one. The point is, the better you look, the better chances you have to get girls. How the Dating Game works? -> this post explains how the “dating game” works and what you need to do to get best results on dating.

The one thing that is must to do, is actually go out there and talk with girls. To break your comfort zone. You’ll little by little become more confident around girls, and when you do methods above you get experience which makes you more confident and grants more success. You’ll in time get lot of girls if you just go for it. .

Why going to gym and getting good body alone won’t get you automatically girls?

When I was younger, I had much better body than I have now. I trained like beast back then, going to gym almost everyday and packing a good amount of mass while staying at pretty low fat percentage.

I had a great body, but I still got zero experience with girls.

Compared to nowadays when I’m not as good shape as I used to be, I’m complete opposite of I used to be when it goes to girls.

Back then I thought if I got a great body, girls would approach me and take an initiative. It never happened. And I got depressed about it, as I saw a many guys who never went to gym having girlfriends.

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