How to be playful and escalate on dates

If you have no idea what to do on dates, how to keep conversation flowing, how to go for kiss, maybe sex on the first date; here is complete guide how to do it.

I would like to share a quick story first about my experience to go for sex on first dates. It took me long time to figure out how to do this, but then it clicked. You can skip this story and go straight to the guide below this paragraph.

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Women wants random sex too

Girls don’t want a sex, they want dates, flowers and chocolate. That’s how the mainstream media makes it look like. I had this mindset also when I was inexperienced. Needles to say that I ended on friendzone. After realizing that girls also want random sex, no dating, no other extra bullshit. Just sex. I started to get a mindset that is required for having a success on dating.

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How to get a girlfriend?

This was my biggest dream on highschool. And unfortunately it didn’t happen there, only just very long time after that. I remember reading back then forums and such the same old story: If you wait a long enough, a¬† one day you’ll find the girl of your dreams. On it’s own way, it’s right. It’s just missing a one important point: If you wait long enough and put lot of effort, a one day you’ll find the girl of your dreams. I was hoping that some girl would come talk to me, ask me for date and continue from there to relationship.

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How to pickup girls on dance floor

This post is maybe common sense, but for me personally it wasn’t back in the days, so I’m sharing this method and hopefully it helps those who are struggling with this.

So, picking up from dancefloor? I remember on past when I was watching from a side as some players would pre-penetrate girls on dancefloor and didn’t do any cold-approaching or talking and still left club with them. I thought myself how the f@#k do they do that? When I was on dancefloor dancing, it would’ve felt akward as f@!c just to go Continue reading “How to pickup girls on dance floor”

How to get completely over your ex girlfriend

This is the subject I wanted to write about first, as I struggled with this long time, being depressed and anxious. The oneitis situation. The one girl you had deep emotional connection. When you first met, the beginning was magical,¬†relationship slowly turning into a deep love. Memories. Everything went well, but then unfortunately there was rain after shining. You split up. Whatever the reason for break up was, it will hurt. It will hurt a lot. The emotional pain is so intense that it’ll cause physical conditions like stomach pain, loss of appetite and overall weakness. Continue reading “How to get completely over your ex girlfriend”