How to get multiple new girls every week

By doing this you can get multiple new girls weekly.

  1. Firstly install Tinder if you already don’t have it. Get good pictures, if you have ripped abs show off them. Try to get numbers and setup dates. Don’t worry if you don’t get much. The best way to get girls is below, use Tinder just besides them, don’t focus too much it.
  2. On weekdays, if you already haven’t setup dates with possible Tinder girls, go to approach girls on daytime. Example on shopping malls or coffee shops. This may sound scary, but don’t worry. Start it slow, by talking example one girl a day and you’ll get better and confident around girls. Here is step by step guide how you can courage to approach and get phone numbers -> Complete Cold-approaching Guide. Try to get instant dates with girls you pick up, I prefer going to pub and taking a beer. Coffee date is good though, but best success I have had with pubs. These usually ends up in sex on first date. If you are not into one nights stands but want to date and know girl better, then coffee date is good. Here is also example guide how you can go for sex on first date ->How to be playful and escalate on dates.
  3. On weekends. Friday, Saturday. Maybe also on Sunday. It’s possible to get at least one girl with every night of them if you go to bars or clubs. On the daytime you can still have dates, but if they aren’t going anywhere, go to bars on night. You don’t need to get wasted and drink alcohol. I prefer going alone, it’s best way to get girls. It may sound scary, I almost shit on my pants when I first started doing it. But getting enough out of comfort zone and doing it again and again, I got good at it. I could confidently go talk with group of girls picking up them. Here is guide how you can get laid on bars or clubs -> How to pickup girls at club/bar?

This should be common sense, but take care of your looks besides doing methods above. Hit the gym if you already don’t. Get ripped abs (This alone makes it much more easily to get girls). Haircut that suits you. Beard/stubble if you can grow one. The point is, the better you look, the better chances you have to get girls. How the Dating Game works? -> this post explains how the “dating game” works and what you need to do to get best results on dating.

The one thing that is must to do, is actually go out there and talk with girls. To break your comfort zone. You’ll little by little become more confident around girls, and when you do methods above you get experience which makes you more confident and grants more success. You’ll in time get lot of girls if you just go for it. .

Desperation, the Attraction Killer

The more F@#ks you give, the less Pussy you get

The quote above tells it all.

Desperation. This one trait that can easily ruin your chances even you got all the other traits good. Nothing is more turn off to women than extremely desperate man. This is the thing I talked about losing virginity to be the hardest lay one have to achieve, due the desperation of getting it done.

This is why guys who already have had a rich sex life are getting it easy. They have developed a mindset of not putting pussy on pedestal anymore after lots of experience. When you are not giving attention to women, she will chase you even more. Continue reading “Desperation, the Attraction Killer”

Why you should aim for getting laid instead of improving a ‘game’

I wasted myself a lot of time for improving the game, without getting laid. I broke the approach anxiety, greatly improved my social skills and became smooth and playful around girls. Dominant, good bodylanguage. Overall outgoing and good interacting with women, but I was still struggling to get laid. I never did. I thought that I NEED to have a toptier game to get access on sex. Or after I had got my game there, I wouldn’t have to put anymore effort on this and will have girls drooling over me.

Also one reason that was stopping me was reading about pickup stuff and it’s complicated patterns that you should go dates before sex, I hadn’t Continue reading “Why you should aim for getting laid instead of improving a ‘game’”

Complete Cold-approaching Guide

How to Cold-Approach?

If you are not aware of the term cold approaching, it means approaching a girl you’ve never talked before and she hasn’t shown any sign of interest on you before. Warm approaching instead means approaching a girl you have had some connection before.

In this post we are going through how to effectively cold-approach a girl and possible get her back to your place for sex.

I myself started this all with cold approaching. It was before Tinder existed, so cold approaching was my way to go. Started on clubs and bars, afterwards went on streets and shopping malls. Clubs/bars are still the best place Continue reading “Complete Cold-approaching Guide”

Picking up girls while sober or wasted?

At the beginning when I didn’t have idea how to pickup girls, I went on clubs binge drinking and getting wasted in hope of getting courage to talk to girls. Or that was the step 2, which I hardly or never acquired. The step 1 was to get girls approach me so I could go step 2. Even I was wasted and lowered my inhibitons via shitloads of booze, I hadn’t courage to approach girls.

After I killed my approach anxiety and started to go talk with girls, I was sober at the first. For long time. I avoided alcohol for health issues. Anyway, it was a good feeling of not needing alcohol and still going talking with girls smoothly and having fun with them. Continue reading “Picking up girls while sober or wasted?”

How to pickup women at club/bar?

Clubs/bars are my favorite places to pickup girls and get laid. I’ve had most of my lays via this way and have a lot of experience with this, so I know what to do.

Reasons to go bars/clubs for picking up women

Some reasons why club game is better than tinder/online dating:

  • No catfishes. There may wait a surprise on first date. At club you can straight see how she looks like/ how she behave.
  • You get more confidence and social skills. By going solo to bar and forcing yourself to talk with people, your social skills will skyrocket.
  • Same night lays. No need to wait for meeting her or possible going to many dates before sex. Club game is about quick lays.
  • Funny and exiting experiences. Rarely on online date you end up having a sex on public places like on toilet.

Some reasons why club game is better than approaching women on Daytime:

  • Same day lays. Rarely daygame ends up instant dates and lays.
  • No gathering phone numbers, instead straight to the point aka sex.
  • Socially more acceptable. In bar it’s normal to approach women.

Where to approach?

That’s why I like most bars and clubs. Now if you have no idea where to pickup girls at bar, these are good places:

  • Dance floor. Check this post how to pickup girls on dance floor.
  • Smoking room. More quiet and easy to start convos like asking a light.
  • At bar when getting drinks. It’s good place to start convos, and get out easily if it’s not going anywhere.

Not as good places:

  • Girls sitting at table. 3 is a good amount. If they are just 2 of them, you need to entertainment her friend so she won’t cockblock you. Sometimes though it’s okay for her friend if you are just 3 of you there to have all the time with you and her. 3 of girls is better, as now they have 2 of them still left to hang out each other and you can have all the time with the girl you are picking up.

Bad places:

  • People having their own inside ring. Usually bunch of guys and girls who are only together and don’t socialize none out of their circle. Not only if you are picking up girl from this kind of group, there usually comes the jealousy guys trying to cockblock you. Avoid these, so you don’t waste time.

How to open conversation?

Direct openers usually works good. I rarely do anymore indirect openers, I like to go straight to the point that I wanna f@#k her tonight. Indirect openers are good training if you have approach anxiety or not yet experience. I can’t remember right now any indirect openings, as it’s long time since I did them last time, so here are some direct openers:

  • “Hello, how’s your night going so far? you are cute btw”
  • “Hi you are hot, wanna dance?”
  • “You are both cute, how’s your night?”
  • “You have a lighter” [she gives a light] “Thx, you are cute btw, I’m …[hand shake]”

The point is just asking some random question and compliment her. Complimenting her looks is not beta, it’s good way to make sure right from the start that you are interested on her sexually and not end up in friend zone. I’m not going to post on this post how to escalate again, as it’s posted mostly in this post. Maybe later I make more detailed step by step escalation guide.

How to escalate, go for kiss and take things to next level?

Now after opening, she either rejects you or agreed to have your company. This doesn’t mean though she is sexually interested in you. So next step is to find out either she is willing to fuck you or not.

Few signs of her being interested in you:

  • She is smiling a lot.
  • She laughs a lot whatever you are saying. Even it wouldn’t be funny.
  • She brushes her hair.
  • She is willing to ask about you and keep conversation flowing. You aren’t the one who need to be the one talking.
  • Her face is blushing.
  • She is having an eye contact.

Few signs of her not being interested. At this point just leave politely, things aren’t going nowhere.

  • She is not having an eye contact with you.
  • She answers to you with one or two words. Like “Okay”, “No”.
  • She acts cold.

After you open the conversation, have a little small talk with her. Find out how she behaves. If she acts like signs of being interested, you are good to go.

Example opening:

You: “Hello, how’s your night going so far? you are cute btw”

Her: “Hello, thanks. Pretty good so far, how’s yours?” [she smiles and brushes her hair, meaning she might be interested]

You: “Good so far, I was going to order drinks but saw you and had to approach haha”

Her: “Okay haha”

Handshake her after this and introduce yourself:

You: “I’m Brad, nice to meet you!”

Her: “I’m [name], nice to meet you too!”

Some small talk:

You: “So, this’s your favorite bar?”

Her: “Haha no, I don’t know how I ended up here”

You: “Okay, mine neither haha. Are you from here or?”

Her: “Yes, living at [some place]”

A little teasing.

You: “Damn, that’s rich area. Maybe we can live there in future after our weddings.”

Her: “Weddings haha?? You are taking things far pretty fast”

You: “Yes I’m. I’m also gold digger. Willing to marry only rich women. I’m poor as fuck myself”

Some self irony. Also displaying confidence to say things straight.

Her: “Haha, I’m not into gold diggers”

You: “Oh really? Not even me, just look at how irresistible I’m.”

Her: “Haha I see”.

Do this a playful way and look how she reacts. If she is into you, just keep going. If you go out of words, ask her to dance. It’s good place to escalate physically. Although you can escalate physical at the place you are at the moment, sitting in table example:

Ask her example either she goes for gym. If she does, ask her to flex her biceps. Now squeeze it and be like:

You: “Woah, you are pretty strong. I’m getting scared.”

Her: “Haha”

Now let her test your. Don’t brag it. Even if you have huge arms, joke about it:

You: “Your’s are almost bigger than mine.”

Then throw some playful line:

You: “But look at my tits, they are bigger than yours”

Her: “Haha, almost”

You: “You wanna try them when flexed?”

If she is still touching you, she is most likely into you sexually. Little by little take this furthermore. Next you can check either she has wristlet or something. Take her hand and look at it:

You: “Nice wristlet btw, most be worth of thousands as you are rich. Don’t worry I’m not going to steal it, just looking it haha”

Her: “Haha, should I believe you”

A lot of physical touching and flirting. This is what it’s about. You can push her a little bit and then pull her back, making her more into you. Like:

You: “You are so perfect. Only bad thing is, I don’t date blondes”

Her: “That’s sad”.

You: “Maybe I can make an expectation with you. Maybe”

Her: “Nice haha”

How to go for kiss?

Now when you have a little spark and sexual tension, it’s time to go for make out. Don’t ask for it. Go for it. Like:

You: “Your lips look so good”

Her: “Thanks”

Pull her against you and make a little kiss. Like in movies. Then continue it if she agrees. Making it more passionate. If she is into you, you can actually ask at this point if she is willing to go for after party. Don’t ask straight for sex. Ask something like: “It’s pretty hot here, I would like to leave. Should we go to your or our place?”

She may reject at this point, but it doesn’t mean she is not going to fuck you tonight. Just say: “Sorry, I’m taking things too fast. I don’t really do one night stands haha. I go for dates”. Take a step back and tease her. Ask again after a while if she would like to leave. Some will leave pretty fast, some not so fast. Just be patient. And don’t go desperate. This will kill the attraction immediately.

That was an example step by step approach to sex at bar. But the formula is same. Approach, tease her, flirt and be playful, make it physical and lastly ask for after party.

Other things

It’s numbers game. You’ll get rejections, everyone does. It’s easily to said than done, so read this approach anxiety guide which makes you handle rejections if you are struggling with it.

If there is a lot of guys and little to none girls, change the place. You can try to pickup those few girls there is, but if they won’t warm up, just go to another place. Usually it’s hard competition especially on dance floor, when many guys are trying to grind these few girls. It’s mostly the men who are majority at bars, but if the ratio is 60:40 or 70:30, it’s okay. More than that it’s starting to get harder.

Also, it’s okay to sit at table alone and drink a beer. Unless you do it all night. It won’t lower your social proof whatever, people don’t care. If you are alone, you can go to order a beer, try to pickup some chicks at bar, if you get rejected, you can go table to take a break off approaching. Scope if there are some possible girls you would like to f@#k. Then again start cold approaching. Go to maybe dance floor for a while. Back to table. For smoke. Approaching between all of this.

If you find a girl who is interested in you, do not leave her. Be with her from the beginning of your meeting to whole night. Have a conversations, go to dance with her. Make out. Drink. Make it sexual. It’s okay to ask for sex after 10 minutes – 3 hours of your encounter. If she is not going to have a sex after 3 hours and there is still lot of time left on that night, grab her phone number and setup date later. Now change bar to go look for other girls. You can stay at the same bar, but if she finds out you are picking up other girls, she will probably go no contact on you. You need to make her feel unique and special.

Best time to go bar?

It’s depends on your location, but in my place it’s somewhere 00.00am, around midnight. Then the bars are full and there is still girls left, also more tipsy so they are more likely interested getting picked up. Don’t go on the time when bars are empty, like there is only few people. It’s waste of time. You need to wait until there is enough people there.


Bars and clubs are great places to pickup women, as they usually ends in same day(night) lays and are quick pickups. No dating required. Go there around midnight when it’s full of people, or if there are only few girls, change a bar.

An updated guide to get laid at bars is here:

How to pickup girls on dance floor

This post is maybe common sense, but for me personally it wasn’t back in the days, so I’m sharing this method and hopefully it helps those who are struggling with this.

So, picking up from dancefloor? I remember on past when I was watching from a side as some players would pre-penetrate girls on dancefloor and didn’t do any cold-approaching or talking and still left club with them. I thought myself how the f@#k do they do that? When I was on dancefloor dancing, it would’ve felt akward as f@!c just to go Continue reading “How to pickup girls on dance floor”