Complete guide to become goodlooking

If you already haven’t check these guides, check them out. They have a detailed formula for going from approach to sex.

Low bodyfat %

Cutting body fat down to 10% or less is best thing you can do to make yourself better looking. Only after you have reached it this down, you can really see your real potential and the flaws you are missing that you can fix later. All your facial aesthetics will become visible at this point.

Why most men don’t cut down bodyfat%?

It’s interesting, thinking how much men put overall effort to get women, but really few cut their bf% this down. Maybe it’s  because of the lot of effort and work you need to get done to go down there. Not only after you have reached this point(sub 10%), you need to maintain it. Which is the hardest part. Definitely worth it though. Work hard, play hard. Continue reading “Complete guide to become goodlooking”

My experience with Finasteride (Propecia)

If you are not aware of the finasteride (Propecia), it’s medication used to treat male pattern baldness. It works by reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is one of the most important hormone for men.

The mechanism sounds scary. To shut down the production of hormone of manliness, which is responsible for sex drive and facial hair growth.  I’m not gonna talk about theory of how DHT is responsible for male pattern baldness, as I wanna go straight to the point. But quickly, DHT will cause baldness and finasteride prevent’s it by blocking DHT. Continue reading “My experience with Finasteride (Propecia)”

Do looks matter for women? How much?

Yes, looks matters. In this post though I wanna go thru how much it matters and why you should improve it.

Firstly, lets say a range of looks scale from 1 to 10.

5 is an average male, and most of the males fit in range 4-6: slightly below average, average or slightly above average. This is the area where other aspects than looks matter the most. Like confidence, personality, idgf-attitude, status etc. Continue reading “Do looks matter for women? How much?”

How to get rid of bloated face?

Facial bloating is a one thing that certainly can make a huge difference between your attractiveness. A bloated face causes more feminine face and hides many attractive masculine qualities, like cheek bones, sharp jaw line.

Causes for bloating can be many, but in this post I’m gonna write down a list of things that can help to get rid of that irritating facial fat and make you more attractive.

Low Bodyfat 

This is common sense. The less fat you got in your body, the less fat you have in your face.

Even I have had a very low bodyfat% (sub8), I still used to have a bloated face sometimes. So here are more some tricks to get it more aesthetic:

Lowering stress and cortisol levels

This has a huge impact. A stress and increased cortisol levels causes bloating in face, so you need to get those cortisol levels down.

Having no stress mindset is awesome to have, I used to have a times when I really didn’t stress about anything, but I lost the touch at some point and haven’t yet get back there. Will try though. I used to have a complete idgf attitude. Every single pressures that our modern society forces us, I really didn’t care. Got myself mentally free off all of them, like ”you should do this and you should do that”. Not stress about anything, things will work out in the end. Stressing is pointless, it will not make any difference what will happen in the end. By giving up stressing will make you a f@#king happy. That what I’m aiming again after losing the mindset overtime.

Anyway, there are also some supplements that will reduce stress and increased cortisol levels. One important thing is to stop using caffeine. I know that hard as f@#!. But in the end will make you happier. Your adrenal glands will thank you.


High doses of Vitamin C

High doses of vitamin c will decrease cortisol levels. It’s water soluble, so it will get out of your body while peeing. Too much can cause kidney stones though, but using a 1000mg a day should be fine. This is not medical advice though.

Rhodiola Rosea

This miracle herb is a real cortisol destroyer. While on this, my stress levels drop 100x. I just don’t literally stress about anything anymore. Not to say about it’s antidepressant effects, testosterone boosting effects and overall energy boosting effects. A very good stuff.

After I heard about this stuff, I wanted to get this stuff right away. So I got some.

It took a few days to kick in full effects, but I got some mood stabilizer on the first day, placebo or not.

When the effects finally kicked in, I was amazed. I was more talkative, more confident, had more energy, less anxiety. This became immediately my favorite supplement.

The effects of Rhodiola are cumulative, meaning it need to be taken a few days to week to fully feel the effects.

Some of the positive effects Rhodiola have:

  • Destroy cortisol levels, meaning less stress
  • Boost serotonin levels and help with depression
  • Lessens anxiety
  • Fight against fatigue and boosts energy levels
  • Boost testosterone levels naturally
  • Helps to last longer in bed

With those 2 supplements along stopping caffeine you can dramatically lower your cortisol levels and via that get less bloated face. Win-win situation, more energy and happier, yet more attractive face.

Decreased salt intake

Too much salt and face will go balloon. Decrease your salt intake if you are taking it a lot, and see if you can get more sharped face. Salt is also unhealthy so there is no any good things that comes along it. More healthy and less bloating.

More water intake

Dehydration causes a bloated face. You should drink a good amount of water during day and avoid dehydration, this way you can get less bloating.


This is a easy and quick way to get rid of some facial bloating. It will also do good for your skin and detox your body off toxics. Remember to drink water though, so you will not get dehydrated!


With these tips you can dramatically get rid of that face bloating and became a more attractive, many of them are simple besides stopping a caffeine. It’s a hard thing to do if you are addicted badly, but on the long term will be a very good decision on your overall health. Low body fat will not always make your face sharp, and there can be some factors like stress etc that will cause your face to bloat.

Depression and how it affect your attractiviness

I’ve been suffering from major depression twice. First one was after my breakup, and the second one after withdrawing from insomnia medication.

With major depression I don’t mean laziness, lethargicness, too tired to do anything, nothing is interesting. I had complete anhedonia. I couldn’t get pleasure out of anything. It was pure pain. All was just grey. When I woke up, all I wanted to was to get back to sleep. This bad it was from the medication induced withdrawal. On the breakup induced depression it wasn’t this bad and I could get shit done(still not 100%), unlike on the medication induced depression where my energy levels were complete zero.

Continue reading “Depression and how it affect your attractiviness”

Is a beard more attractive to women or not?

If you haven’t yet tried gaming with beard, I highly recommend to give it a try. With my own experience (even I still can’t grow completely full beard), the difference is like between day and night.

First when I started to get success on dating life, I always thought that beard would make me less attractive. Like girls would think that beard is gross. How wrong I used to be (it was before beards had come trend). Because I hasn’t ever tried to grow a beard and I got on that time some of my first success, I was safely on my comfort zone and didn’t want to try anything new. Always had that same haircut and clean shaven. I ran huge Continue reading “Is a beard more attractive to women or not?”