Huge list of working and non-working supplements

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. This post is only informational purposes only and not a medical advice.  You should always consult with your doctor when you are using supplements. 

So here is a list of supplements I’ve tried and what I found working and what not. Just sharing my experiences what I found good and what useless. Will update this list as I can’t remember right now all of the supplements I’ve tried, or when I’m testing new ones.

Note that people’s brain chemistry is different and everyone will react differently on the supplements.

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Caffeine good or bad for libido?

In short term, good. Caffeine will boost libido if taken in moderate.

In long term, caffeine will cause sex drive to fall hard.

From my own experience, every time my caffeine tolerance goes to roof (somewhere over 1000mg a day), my erections are less harder than off caffeine. At this consumption also if there is no caffeine in system, desires for sex are dropping huge. Only after getting cup of coffee the desires go up again.

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How to cure a hangover?

Important information for those who are doing a nightgame and drink, but can’t endure the hangovers. Like I used on the past when I used to drink more often (now I have reduced a lot).

I’ve always suffered a horrible hangovers. Not like most of people I’ve talked have said: little tired, desiring junk food and minor headache.

These people don’t no what hangover really is. For me it includes:

Extreme exhaustion, even raising my finger is a huge task.
Vomiting all day, eating is the last thing on my mind. Even glass of water get right back out of my system. Can eat (maybe) on evening at the earliest.
Huge anxiety. Panic attacks. Almost crying on my bed and hoping every second that this suffer will end.
Soul crushing depression that last days and will get better after around a week.
Heart rate skyrockets. Sometimes feeling like it will come through my chest.
Scared of dying because of this.
Insomnia. Can’t sleep thru all this and wake up released.

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How to naturally maximize Testosterone levels

Testosterone, the male hormone. Dependent on things like manliness, confidence, aggression, strength, libido and mood.

Lack of testosterone can cause several health problems like:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Increased fat tissues
  • Low libido
  • Low strength
  • Brain-fog

It’s important to get your hormones on where they should be.

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