Finding a niche will get you girls

Women love guys who are little unique and stand out of other’s.

Trends are built by men finding a niche that makes them stand out of the majority, following a huge attention of girls.

Example, few years ago rarely none had beards. Guys with beards were mysterious and of course got more attention of girls back then than nowadays, when every other guy is trying to grow a beard to be more attractive. Beard/stubble is of course attractive, it’s a sign of masculinity. But back then, besides a beard, they got an instant status boost by being this mysterious guy. Girls would sense that this is a unique guy and must have attention of other girls. Nowadays the beard game is little bit over saturated, and the status boost of being unique by having a beard won’t have effect. It can only boost looks. 

Another example: the tattoos.

Back in the days it was a sign of being a bad boy, and women love bad boys. But nowadays when again most people have tattoos, the status boost of bad boy has gone. I’ve seen a more and more a face tattoos, they are also losing the niche soon. Tattoos still gives a vibe of low inhibition and they are primitive, what girls finds a hot. But again, earlier the tattoos would stand out of the population as signs of thugs who would do what they want, being of course attractive for women.

And third, the biggest maybe: A fitness culture.

Nowadays almost everyone hits the gym. People posting shirtless selfies on social medias and the use of steroids have grown exponentially. Good body and ripped abs, are again and always be a hot for women, even more and more men are having it. The status boost of having a good body has suffer an over saturation.

Zyzz would be a good example of this. Back then when the fitness wasn’t as mainstream as it nowadays, and people weren’t posting bodies on social media, he did. With his style and great body, being a shirtless on raves and festivals, being a trance god was a great niche and insane status boost.  Of course he was a tall, good looking and had insane body, and would get girls without doing so, but this status boost was icing the cake of getting endless attention of girls.

That party lifestyle went on mainstream and more and more of men started to copy his style. Not to say it was a bad, he was a genius of creating his own unique style of combining the trance, festivals and bodybuilding. But again, this style got over saturated. Men with ripped bodies going shirtless on festivals with these same brand of shorts Zyzz wore, with same hairstyle and with that same bag. Imagine if there were only one guy carrying that style, he would immediately stand out the crew. But now it’s impossible as everyone are copy of themselves.


If you can build an attractive style and niche that is not over saturated, you will get a lot more women than it being a mainstream. It’s immediately status boost. That’s why if you do find it, don’t spread it and ruin your niche. Have that unique style with you and enjoy the attention of girls you will get. Improve your looks though, even these styles like beard are trend, they are biologically attractive for women. The status of unique is just missing.

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