How to avoid getting Friendzoned? 4 Critical points to not get in the Friendzone.

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Do you want to get out of Friendzone? Hopefully this article helps you to get in the Endzone instead…

As I learned myself it hard way how to not get in the Friendzone on the first place, I will give you tips how to avoid it and get out of it.

Here’s 4 critical points that will dramatically reduce the change of ending up in the friend territory:

Importance of the Sex and the Sexual Tension when you want to get out of Friendzone.

#1. Fuck her as soon as possible.

This is very important. The more time you spent with her, even if you would like to get to know her better and she’s potential relationship partner, sex still plays a big role. When you fuck her good, the way she’s having intense orgasms and crave more your cock, you are far away from friend territory.

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#2 Never put pussy on the the pedestal.

Never put her on the pedestal. In other words, stop putting pussy on pedestal. She can smell it from miles if you are desperate about her. I know the above point, fuck her asap conflicts with putting pussy on pedestal, but the key is to seduce her to want sex with you without being desperate, pushing and pulling. This requires some playfulness.

Example on the date you ask her suddenly indirectly sex like:

  • You: ”It’s been nice time with you. Let’s go to my place?” (Push)
  • Her: ”Haha, out of nowhere you are asking sex. I’m not that type of woman who have sex on first few dates”
  • You: ”Me neither. I only have sex after dating at least one month” (Pull)
  • Her: ”Haha right. So why are you asking me to your place then?”
  • You: ”I have Netflix. And we can watch it. And chill” (Push)
  • Her: ”Hahaha. How many girls have you tried that line pickup line?”
  • You: ”Zero. You are the first one (Pull). I will break my rule of one month of sex because you are too attractive.” (Push)
  • Her: ”Yeah right haha”
  • You: ”I’m just kidding. You are very attractive, but I’m the man of my words. Even I would like to have good time with you at my bedroom, I need to wait for month. If you can’t wait that long, it’s sad because I would otherwise made you my wife.(Pull)
  • Her: ”Maybe I can wait. Maybe.”
  • You: ”Maybe? Okay, let’s go to my place and check if you can. Or if I can haha” (Push)
  • Her: ”Sure. Let’s go, I want to see if you are the man of your words”

The above push and pull example is way to create sexual tension and flirt with her. If you notice she’s flirting back to you, she is most likely wanting to have sex with you, even she says indirectly that she wont. Take her to your/her place and fuck her brains out.

By showing this kind of playful attitude you aren’t going desperate, as you are having fun with her by flirting and she can instinct that you are experienced and confident around women, making you no desperate.

Desperate move would be like this:

  • You: ”Would you like to come to my place for Netflix and chill?” (Push)
  • Her: ”Haha pretty fast move. Sorry I don’t do one nights stands”
  • You: ”Really? You should try this time, I have a huge penis and I will fuck you hard” (Bragging)
  • Her: ”Oh really?” (Irony)
  • You: ”Yes. Come’on, I promise you’ll get multiple orgasms” (Desperate)
  • Her: ”I’m not that type of woman”
  • You: ”After coming to my place you are. I have fucked so many women and they all have been satisfied”(More bragging)
  • Her: ”Okay, interesting…”
  • You: ”Come’n. Let’s go” (Really desperate)
  • Her: ”Nah, maybe on next date” (She will ghost you after this date)
  • You: ”There is no next date. I will fuck other women in that time” (Very insecure move. Game over)
  • The above example is the way you should not do. Bragging is really Turn off for women. Also desperately repeating ”come’n lets go” is really desperate and will scare her away. Lastly, bragging about going to fuck other women is instant game over. You should make her know you have options, but never tell it directly like above. Do it subtly.

These two examples shows how to seduce her without putting pussy on pedestal and putting it really bad on pedestal. If you would like to read more about how be playful and do ‘Push&Pull’, check these two articles (they open in new tab, read them after this article):

Other things besides sex

Now the two very important things about avoiding Friendzone, sex and neediness are explained. Lets go further:

#3 Mystery

Mystery. If she knows everything about you, there is no chase for her. She want’s to chase you and she want’s to be chased one too. So play it cool and don’t reveal your story of your life, neither tell all the details what you are going to do.

Example, take a quick trip from scratch to somewhere withing two days after you have been on date with her. It can be travelling to foreign country or some other city. This kind of move would grant you many mysterious things she needs to analyze:

  • Are you rich guy who have that much freedom and money to take a trip somewhere without giving a fuck? Just doing it for fun.
  • Are you living interesting lifestyle with lots of interesting experiences? She want’s too.
  • Do you have a huge social circle outside your home city? Or are you the solo traveller who can get along good with people and make new friends?
  • Are fucking other women in the other city? Do you have ex girlfriends there?

And so on. The above example was pretty hazard and you don’t need to travel somewhere just making you mysterious. But the pattern is same, do some quick decisions and don’t reveal everything. This gives you the aura of tension. And she want’s a man with that aura.

#4 You have options. Key to Get Out Of Friendzone

To avoid Friendzone, you need to be the non-chaser. If she realizes that you have a huge crush on her and you don’t have other women in your life, you are going to end up in Friendzone.

She want’s to feel that you chase her and she is special, but at the same time she wan’t to chase you. If she knows that you can have other women easily, your attractiveness on her eyes raises. It’s not news that women feel attraction towards men in relationship. The relationship status on man indicates he’s potential relationship material.

To make her having the idea that you have options (Even if don’t you can fake it), you should indirectly deliver subtly traces about that. It can be example:

  • Have a lots of phone numbers of other women on your phone. Don’t show it to her, but ”accidentally” make her watch your phone while you are trying to call your friend and find his number on your phone while browsing the list full of other women’s names.
  • While you are walking on the street, point about some bar and say ”That used to be my favorite bar, but my ex-girlfriend ruined the experience for me”. She may ask why, but reply just with: ”Nah, bad memories, I don’t want to remember it. We shouldn’t have walked this way”. The point was, even if don’t have ex-girlfriend, she becomes curious about it and you gave a sign that you have options. Just don’t brag about it.
  • Talk a about sex, but don’t brag anything and don’t go mad if she brags about her ex boyfriends. It can be test if she talks about her ex, and if you act neutral, you’ll pass the test, making her more into you.
  • Be interested about her and make her feel unique, but at the same time make sure she knows you are experienced and might have other options. When you tell her that you have never met a woman like her, you are subtly delivering a message that you have had a lot of options.
  • Have dreams that are not related to women. Have a passion and be ambitious about something, making her know that pussy is not your priority #1 in life. This attitude makes her not only more attracted to you, but she also knows that you must have experience or options because you are not putting pussy on pedestal.


These points I listed are very critical things to avoid the friendzone. If you have ended up in the friendzone, check the list again and write down if you have done opposite in the points. Try to change the behavior where you are struggling.

I’ll probably write next post about how to get out of Friendzone if you already have ended up there.

I myself got Friendzone a lot in the past when I was inexperienced with women. Check the post about my stories ending up in the Friendzone and don’t follow my steps on that article:

How to get Friendzoned? (Avoid Friendzone)

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