How to get laid

These eBook are instant Free downloads. Hopefully you find them  helpful!

The Lone Wolf Game (Sample)

This eBook contains more theory about how to build an attractive behavior and apply it in daily life, also containing step by step guide how to go alone from approach to sex at bars/clubs. The full version of the eBook can be get here.

Program to become confident around women and immune to rejections

This eBook contains different daily drills you can do to get over the fear of approaching women, becoming immune to rejections and overall confident around women and social situations.

week1program.pdf (254 downloads)

Second week program to become confident and playful around girls

The second part of the program. In this eBook the drills are getting harder and goal is to build strong core of confidence around girls and becoming playful. Sign up newsletter below and get this eBook for free! (You’ll get download link in email)


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