How to get out of friendzone?

This is the situation you want to avoid at all cost.

Or let’s say, there are few types of friendzones:

The situation #1: You have known the girl years with no intend for anything sexual, just having her as buddy. Situation #2: You have known the girl years and you are interested in her in sexual manner, but she doesn’t feel the same. Situation #3: You have started dating a complete new girl you’ve never known before, example you picked her up on tinder. You’ve been on date and she says: “You are a very nice guy, but I think we should just be friends”.

The last two situation are the ones you don’t wanna be in. And the first step to get out of there is to make it as on situation #1.  You should behave neutral around her. No desperation, not being a rude. Just acting with her as you would act with male friends. And showing a zero sexual interest. This is different than on club game,  where you should make your intentions clear as soon as possible (you wanna f@#k her). By showing a zero sexual interest is going to make her confuse, especially if you did that on the past. You are no longer giving her the validation she wants. No extra attention. This makes her instincts start to think that you have found other girls you are going for, and you don’t have anymore time to give her attention. This is also a good way to see if she using you only for validation.

Step 2

Now it’s actually time to go for another girls.  The point of this is to flip the turns. She friendzoned you and go for other guys, you friendzone her and go for other girls. You should have a calm behaviour around her and NOT brag about f@cking other girls. It need to be done subtle, giving her hints that there are girls chasing you.

If you meet her example on some party after this, she may approach you and showing finally an interest. If you wanna tease her and make her chase you even more, you can act polite and friendly for her, but not give any intentions to make it sexual. Instead go to flirt with other girls on party or bar, wherever you are. Make out with them maybe, so she can see it. At the best situation she’s going to be jealous and come to cock-block these girls. Give her make the initiative, and then make it sexual.

Note: If she comes to cock-block you and is still only interest to be with you “just friends”, this may not work. She sure wants your validation, as she don’t want that you are giving it to other girls. But does she wants you? Only time can show. At this point you should act as earlier, having the ball and making her do the approach. She may afterwards come to you, or keep wanting only the validation. Best thing now to do is to go for other girls and not use your energy on this one.

This is a simple but effective way to get out of friendzone.  I don’t have much of experience to get or get out of friendzone, but the little experience I have, this method is the only one that has actually worked. I remember earlier getting in friendzone and desperately trying to impress her for giving me a chance. Then I did the opposite and actually f@#ed her afterwards.

Anyway, the point is: Don’t try to impress her, don’t be desperate. Act as she is your male friend. Go for other girls.

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