How to not care about what others think (Acquiring I don’t give a f attitude)

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Do want to learn how to not give a f?

Is the fear of other people judging you huge and limiting Your Life?

Do you give too many fucks about what people think about you?

No problem, I did too.

Until I learned the “IDGF” attitude.

And I will teach you too how to not give a f about what other people think about you.

Keep reading.

Learn to Live in this Moment

The ability to live in the moment and not care neither future or the past, is truly a really valuable skill.

This ability will drop a huge stress from your shoulders…

How to?

I already teach you techniques to achieve this Mindset in “The Lonewolf Game”, but here is also few tips:

  • Realize that you have no power on past. What has happened, has happened. Remember that everything will be good at the end.
  • Also realize that you have no power over the future. At least not yet. Future is illusion of your mind.
  • What you have, is a complete power over this moment right now. Meaning that stressing about past or future will not get you anywhere but only drains your mental energy. Use this energy in this moment.

Good Read to Learn to Live in this moment:

Learn to live in this moment and learn how to not give a f
Learn to Live in this Moment.

The Power of Now. I originally heard about this book years ago when someone recommended it to depressed person.

I had completely forgot the existence of this book but I found it accidentally from the bookstore and bought it.

This book is really therapeutic piece of art and can really change your life. For me, it unlocked many negative thoughts and helped me to achieve the higher piece of mind to live in this moment. Now.

Many people have said that this book literally changed their lives for better.

I can also highly recommend this book to anyone, especially the ones who are struggling with existential depression and anxiety.

You can get this book from Amazon here.

Then, lets go furthermore. About how to not give a f?

How to not give a F? Really valuable Mindset that reveals you whole new World…

I used to be way too shy in the past and over analyze too much what other people think.

I would say the trait was: “Give too much fuck’s”.

I had dreams I wanted to go for, but I was afraid of how other’s would judge me.

I did things I wouldn’t wanted to do, but did because I care too much about haters.

This trait did limit so much of my earlier life.

After overcoming it, I was reborn.

A complete new life appeared to me. All the restrictions my mind had stop me to do, where now open.

I had now ability to go talk to stranger woman at daytime and seduce her.

I did things that I never had courage to do earlier, in the fear of being judged by other’s.

If you are suffering this trait too, I highly recommend to put effort to get over this mindset. It really can get you to success and live the life you really want.

‘I don’t give a f@#k attitude’, or idgf-attitude, this is what I wanted to talk about today. How to acquire it, how to get rid of overthinking about what other people think. How to became your own boss who do what the f@#k he want to do.

For who are you Living For?

Firstly, you are only living a once. This is your only life. For who you are living it?

To your boss?

To the government?

Random stranger on street?

    To your mom?

    None. You are living this life for YOURSELF. Your only life, live it for yourself. By noticing this, if you haven’t before, you’ll start doing things you really want to do. Going for your own goals and not caring what others think about what you are doing.

    I was restricted before too much, because I wasn’t really living the life I wanted to. I was caring too much what people think if I go my own way, and hided behind the templates of living I didn’t want. When I noticed I wasn’t living for myself and turned it around, people started to respect me more as I had backbone to not bend elsewhere.

This Guide was part from The Lonewolf Game

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