How to not care about what others think (Acquiring I don’t give a f attitude)

I used to be way too shy in the past and over analyze too much what other people think.

I would say the trait was: “Give too much fuck’s”.

I had dreams I wanted to go for, but I was afraid of how other’s would judge me.

I did things I wouldn’t wanted to do, but did because I care too much about haters.

This trait did limit so much of my earlier life.

After overcoming it, I was reborn.

A complete new life appeared to me. All the restrictions my mind had stop me to do, where now open.

If you are suffering this trait too, I highly recommend to put effort to get over this mindset. It really can get you to success and live the life you really want.

‘I don’t give a f@#k attitude’, or idgf-attitude, this is what I wanted to talk about today. How to acquire it, how to get rid of overthinking about what other people think. How to became your own boss who do what the f@#k he want to do.

Firstly, you are only living a once. This is your only life. For who you are living it?

To your boss?

To the government?

Random stranger on street?

To your mom?

None. You are living this life for YOURSELF. Your only life, live it for yourself. By noticing this, if you haven’t before, you’ll start doing things you really want to do. Going for your own goals and not caring what others think about what you are doing.

I was restricted before too much, because I wasn’t really living the life I wanted to. I was caring too much what people think if I go my own way, and hided behind the templates of living I didn’t want. When I noticed I wasn’t living for myself and turned it around, people started to respect me more as I had backbone to not bend elsewhere.

Over kindness

I used to be too nice for everyone and always putting others above me. I was too humble and over polite for people.

Kindness is a good thing, but when it goes to extreme, all it does it will hurt you. Over kindness is a trait that must be beaten.

My reason for this, was that I wanted to please everyone. But you know what, you never can’t please everyone. There is always someone hating. After noticing this fact, I turned my mindset over.

This far, pleasing people was taking more than giving me back. I was also afraid of haters. I saw that I can’t be afraid, killing the fear. Instead of being scared of haters and willing to please everyone, I stopped over please people and didn’t give a f@#k about haters. Haters gonna hate.

This is what I think the reason for overly nice people. They are afraid of haters. Remember, whatever you do, someone will hate. You are living your life for you, not for the hater. Let her/him hate, and do whatever you want.

Strangers don’t care what you do

Neither remember. All have their own worries. They don’t care either you are buying something you feel ashamed. And you are most likely not going to encounter with them ever again.

It’s hard to explain, but with drills you will get over this mindset.


As I have written in this post, you can learn a new habit of not caring about what other people think. Only way for this is to expand your comfort zone. Start with baby-steps, and do something in public you feel uncomfortable. Little by little put more stake and do more harder stuff you would feel uncomfortable. This way the comfort zone expands, and you are starting to feel comfortable doing those things you was earlier afraid of doing public.

Imagine what life would be if you wouldn’t care other’s opinions?

When I was a shy, I never thought this. I thought it was sealed for my destiny. Then I realized that I can live other way, a better. A life where I would not be overly shy, a life where I could stand for myself.

Fight club is a good movie about not giving a f@#k. Identifying with main character is a good drill to get in the right mindset.

“The less f@#s you give, the more happier you are”

I bet your life goal is to be a happy? And live for yourself is key to happiness.

This is mindset that can be learned by expanding your comfort zone. Doing it enough, at some point you become enlightened. Only thing holding your back is yourself, you need face it. Imagine the life where you don’t care what other people think? Start to acquire it today.

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