How to pickup girls on dance floor

This post is maybe common sense, but for me personally it wasn’t back in the days, so I’m sharing this method and hopefully it helps those who are struggling with this.

So, picking up from dancefloor? I remember on past when I was watching from a side as some players would pre-penetrate girls on dancefloor and didn’t do any cold-approaching or talking and still left club with them. I thought myself how the f@#k do they do that? When I was on dancefloor dancing, it would’ve felt akward as f@!c just to go some random girl and start grinding like stripper against her. I over analysed too much. Thought in my mind every possible outcome what would’ve happened if I would go do that kind of dirty shit. I didn’t take a action. Then things changed, and I learned how to easily go from dancefloor to your/her place, wherever. Firstly I’ll list things that matter on dancefloor game:

  • Looks. This is mostly everything on there, as you cant have conversation or communicate with her with words.
  • Domination. Take things to next step. Don’t be afraid to go for make out and escalate.

Things that don’t matter:

  • Dancing skills. Girls won’t give a f@#k about your dancing skills if they are looking for a sex. So don’t stress about ho good you are dancing. They care if you are man enough to take things furthern  and be afraid of going for sex. I remember back then trying to learn some crazy dance moves, and of course I didn’t get anywhere. All you need is basic bouncing. There are lots of videos of that on youtube.
  • “Funny dancing”. You’ll always see guys who do some idiotic dance moves around girls and see them giggling. Yet if he is not good looking, he isn’t going to score. I’ve seen this so many times. A guy try to impress girls with shit like this, girl may dance with her for a while, but soon she’s making out with some real player who knows what she wants.

Eliminate those factors that won’t matter off your mind and you’ll have less stress about if you did something wrong, like she lost attraction because you didn’t dance good enough. The pattern for whole “dancefloor game” is very simple. Just go to dancefloor and do some basic bouncing. When you see a girl you would be interested, do these steps:

  1. Go bouncing infront of her, try to get eyecontact with her and smile. If she smiles back, go to step 2. If not, she isnät intrested and go for next girl.
  2. Now when she have some interest via smiling, take things slowly forward, grab her hand, do some dancing with her, whisper in her ear things like “You are hot”, “you are cute” (Music is maybe too loud, so she may not hear it, wont matter)
  3. Pull her body towards you, make it more sexual. Grind your bodies each oterh. At this point you can go for make out. If she rejects, just smile/laugh and say something like “Haha, sry I was too quick to take thing furthern”. Repeat after a while, if she may now accet the make out.
  4. Sometimes I take things even more sexual and start touching tits, say shit like “I would like to f@#k you”. This is not required, but if she is okay with it, it’s pretty much guaranteed lay. Just take her to somewhere where is lower noice and ask for where you are going for after party. (It doesn’t need to be outside of club:p)

The dancefloor game is very effective as you can skip some bullshit like talking on noicy club which is very frustrating sometimes as half of words cant be heard. You can jsut go straight for escalation and sex. All you need is idgf attitude for not being afraid for rejections. From my own experience, I’ve had girls told me “F@#k off” at dancefloor, and also have girls sucking my cock in toilet after 10minutes of dancing. Just some perspective. It’s huge numbers game from there, unless you are very goodlooking (which is something like <1% of male population).


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  1. This is relevant knowledge for my subscribers, so I’ll link back to this post and you will probably get a few extra readers. It’s better than anything else I’ve seen discussing this subject. Thank you for the inspired point of view!

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