How to retain woman’s interest after first time of having sex if you would like to meet her again

Let’s go through a steps about what to do in situation where you have a sex first time with new cool girl you would like to meet again. Not leaving it only as a one night stand, but retaining her interest and maybe building a relationship.

The first time when your p is in her v is the most critical point of how things will continue after this. Will she be more interested in you? Or will she lose the interest? Is she willing to meet you again?

Importance of sex

The formula is simple. If you fucked her good, she is most likely coming back. If it wasn’t, there is high chance of her going flaky.

It’s not always about the quality of sex though. There are expectations. Example in past, I had gone a few dates with this girl. Things hadn’t gone to bedroom at this point, only making out. When we finally were having the sex, I had problems to keep it up because of other things. So the sex sucked. I was sure she wouldn’t want to meet me again. For my surprise, she contacted me few days later. She wanted to come again on my place. This time things went fine and we dated a while.

I always though that if the first time of you having sex sucked, you would not hear about her again. The story above prove me that it’s not all. Of course if it’s one night stand from bar where you have known a few hours and sex isn’t good, there is high chance of her losing the interest. There are expectations too, but they are more rare. If you have gone a few dates and have a good chemistry, don’t stress about the sex.

If you are having pressures with new girl due the risk of losing her interest because of bad sex, drop it now. Don’t stress about it. If the sex isn’t good, it’s not the deal breaker. The performance pressure is only making the sex worse, in worst situation making you too nervous to get it up. Focus on the moment and enjoy it. Don’t think about the future at this point. Don’t plan the future now with this girl, even she feels a perfect girl you would marry.

This way not only the sex will be better, but your stress levels will drop, making you having a good time with her. Actually having a mind set of not caring either she will like you after this or not usually brings her back.

Desperation = Game Over

Even if you had good sex with her, there is a one thing that will definitely make her run away. The desperation. Never invest too much emotionally to girl you had only known a short time. When you go too needy, she will lose the interest towards you.

This is a thing I learned hard way on past. It was on the beginning of my journey, when the things started to click on. When I learned how to get laid. I had good sex with a girls back then, but I was way too needy. Never met none of them again. Only after I got the mindset I wrote above, about not caring where things will go, I started to get girls coming back to me. It’s funny though. The less you put effort, the more likely she is interest on you. Most of my relationships have started this way.

The story about girl I had bad sex first time coming back to me was like this. I didn’t go desperate even I liked her a lot. Also I didn’t whine about the sex. I was like nothing happened and continued to chill with her like we had earlier. This is a another way you can save the situation. Just act normal like you don’t care even you couldn’t get it up, and she is more likely cool with that. Maybe giving you a new change. Just don’t beg for it. Never. Continue like you used to be with her, until there is a situation to have a sex again. Of course if the sex is not good with few times, there is no future. The sexual needs need to be great for both of you when it’s about relationship.

So how to retain her interest after first time of sex?

As above said, two things:

  • Fuck her good.
  • Don’t go desperate.

The fuck her good part is not always necessary as said, but if you fuck her brains out and make her having multiple orgasm, she is coming back for sure. I will write a guide for this later on it’s own post. Here’s a little tips though if you have no idea:

  • Make a good foreplay and tease her, don’t go straight for sex. Rub her pussy through her pants like you are going to go for it, and take step back and continue kissing her neck, making her more horny.
  • Say something naughty. Like: “You have good lips, I would like to have my cock between them”.
  • Kiss erotic areas, like neck and tits. Slowly take her pants off and start fingering her, same time kissing her neck or licking her tits. After a while, put your cock in her pussy slowly. Start it slow and then fuck her hard. Some girls get very horny if you are having a rough sex and you are dominating, pulling her hair or slapping her ass.

After sex is the most critical point when the girl is most emotional. Be nice to her, but don’t go needy. Don’t reveal your whole life story to her. Have some mystery around you. If she enjoyed it a lot, you may take a second round.

When you or she leaves the place, depending on where you are, don’t start spamming messages on her. If she messages to you, reply, but not too quickly. And don’t make too long messages, they will make you look needy. Her texting to you, is a good sign of things going well. Now is another important part.

Next date after having a sex

Always have a sex again when you meet her after the first time. I had experience of messing things up that started well, by going a coffee dates after I already had good night of sex in my place. I don’t know what the hell I though back then, but nowadays it’s always a date on my or her place when we already have fucked. The romantic dates have their time later if the relationship between you is starting to build. Having a good sex with her is a very important thing to do in the beginning.

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