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So you want to get lot of women or find a high quality girlfriend? But you have no girls in your social circle, neither you have no clue how to start approaching women?

Why do women always go for BadBoys ?

Badboys have all the traits women find attractive. They are masculine, don’t give a fuck about other’s opinions and go for own goals, do whatever they want. I’m not going to tell you that you should turn yourself into a thug. But if you are struggling with getting girls or want to improve your dating life dramatically, I’m giving a tips how to become more attractive, master your Dating Game and make you have a little bit of that ”Bad Boy” vibe which attracts girls.

About my past and how I went from having zero kiss in my late teens to living a full player lifestyle

I used to be myself overly nice guy and struggled to get girls, until I decided that something need to change or I will never get a girlfriend. I had no social circle either where would be girls, so my only option left was: Going out alone in order to try to pick up women.

By going alone to bars again and again. Doing hundreds if not thousands of approaches and finally mastering the Dating Game after getting the experience, I turned myself to complete opposite what I used to be.

Building a core full of confidence, getting girls and finally stopping care about other people opinions, I started to live a player lifestyle.

The concept ”Lone Wolf Mentality” is a metaphor of my journey for not needing the help of the pack, but achieving this all by going out alone. I’m not a loner, I used to be though the guy in the group who nobody would notice. After my journey not only did I get an fulfilling rich dating life and f#@ked a lot of girls, but also learned to improve my social skills and make a new great friends and append my social circle.

It all comes down to believing yourself. I can say it’s a pretty great feeling when your happiness isn’t dependent of others and you can be the boss of your own happiness.

How to start your journey for getting more women?

Either you have zero experience with girls or want to improve your current dating life, I have this step by step guide how to achieve your goals. I myself started this as kissless virgin teenage who suffered from bad social anxiety.

The first step is to maximize your potential and become as attractive as you can. In this post I have wrote a step by step guide how to become good looking.

Along with becoming good looking, you also need to be motivated and have a mood to go out there to get best possible results. Check this natural testosterone maximizing guide, it can be helpful if you need to boost your energy levels and enchance your mood.

To break your social anxiety you need to get out of your comfort zone. In this post I tell my story about how I started going out alone and become comfortable about it.

Not to make this too long, here are shortly posts about how pick up women from bars and dance floor. In the book it will be more detailed guide.

If you dont like bars, and want to do dating and get phone numbers, check these posts about how to pick up girls on day time and become playful on dates. I don’t myself like alcohol a lot, as I improved my social skills and dating game so far that I don’t need alcohol for relaxing myself and boosting my social performance. You can get there too if you do this enough. I still from time to time drink, and immediately regret it. The reason why I don’t like alcohol, is because I get so horrible hangovers and the week of depression from one night of binge drinking. In this post is tips how to beat the hangover if you decide to go bars and get wasted.

Anyway, discover the blog and the categories to find more of tips for starting your journey to get more girls.

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