How to cure a hangover?

Important information for those who are doing a nightgame and drink, but can’t endure the hangovers. Like I used on the past when I used to drink more often (now I have reduced a lot).

I’ve always suffered a horrible hangovers. Not like most of people I’ve talked have said: little tired, desiring junk food and minor headache.

These people don’t no what hangover really is. For me it includes:

Extreme exhaustion, even raising my finger is a huge task.
Vomiting all day, eating is the last thing on my mind. Even glass of water get right back out of my system. Can eat (maybe) on evening at the earliest.
Huge anxiety. Panic attacks. Almost crying on my bed and hoping every second that this suffer will end.
Soul crushing depression that last days and will get better after around a week.
Heart rate skyrockets. Sometimes feeling like it will come through my chest.
Scared of dying because of this.
Insomnia. Can’t sleep thru all this and wake up released.

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Why you should aim for getting laid instead of improving a ‘game’

I wasted myself a lot of time for improving the game, without getting laid. I broke the approach anxiety, greatly improved my social skills and became smooth and playful around girls. Dominant, good bodylanguage. Overall outgoing and good interacting with women, but I was still struggling to get laid. I never did. I thought that I NEED to have a toptier game to get access on sex. Or after I had got my game there, I wouldn’t have to put anymore effort on this and will have girls drooling over me.

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Women wants random sex too

Girls don’t want a sex, they want dates, flowers and chocolate. That’s how the mainstream media makes it look like. I had this mindset also when I was inexperienced. Needles to say that I ended on friendzone. After realizing that girls also want random sex, no dating, no other extra bullshit. Just sex. I started to get a mindset that is required for having a success on dating.

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How to pickup girls on dance floor

This post is maybe common sense, but for me personally it wasn’t back in the days, so I’m sharing this method and hopefully it helps those who are struggling with this.

So, picking up from dancefloor? I remember on past when I was watching from a side as some players would pre-penetrate girls on dancefloor and didn’t do any cold-approaching or talking and still left club with them. I thought myself how the f@#k do they do that? When I was on dancefloor dancing, it would’ve felt akward as f@!c just to go Continue reading “How to pickup girls on dance floor”