Why you should aim for getting laid instead of improving a ‘game’

I wasted myself a lot of time for improving the game, without getting laid. I broke the approach anxiety, greatly improved my social skills and became smooth and playful around girls. Dominant, good bodylanguage. Overall outgoing and good interacting with women, but I was still struggling to get laid. I never did. I thought that I NEED to have a toptier game to get access on sex. Or after I had got my game there, I wouldn’t have to put anymore effort on this and will have girls drooling over me.

Also one reason that was stopping me was reading about pickup stuff and it’s complicated patterns that you should go dates before sex, I hadn’t Continue reading “Why you should aim for getting laid instead of improving a ‘game’”

Did Tinder ruin the daygame?

After tinder and other dating apps appeared on smarphones, they increased dramatically online dating scene. It was just easy to get straight off your phone to get contact of opposite sex and skip some traditional dating principles. Tinder was for sure a game changer.

As for daygame, which is mostly picking up phonenumbers that you can turn to dates, on Tinder you don’t have to do cold approaching and can easily get more and faster phonenumbers.

To the point, is there a reason to daygame anymore if you can just do Tinder? Continue reading “Did Tinder ruin the daygame?”

Why picking up girls is a skill and how to improve it

Picking up, gaming, sarging; whatever term there is for it, I would like to post here some reasons why it’s a skill that can be learned and improved to get more women. Looks is of course an important aspect, I don’t buy the thing ‘looks don’t matter’ as some dating gurus say. But having a good and confident while picking up will get a lot better results. I haven’t used in ages a fake stories while picking up, but they work if done right. I myself only did these when I was starting whole game thing, later it was just natural game. Or it became my second nature.

Anyway, here are some things that are legit Continue reading “Why picking up girls is a skill and how to improve it”

Women wants random sex too

Girls don’t want a sex, they want dates, flowers and chocolate. That’s how the mainstream media makes it look like. I had this mindset also when I was inexperienced. Needles to say that I ended on friendzone. After realizing that girls also want random sex, no dating, no other extra bullshit. Just sex. I started to get a mindset that is required for having a success on dating.

Reasons why having a mindset that girls don’t want random sex is bad for success Continue reading “Women wants random sex too”