6 reasons why bars are better place to get girls than Tinder

I already wrote a shortly about this in this bar/club game post, but now I’m writing a little bit more about it.

The competition

On Tinder/online dating, the competition is huge. An average girl can get hundreds of messages off guys. This makes it hard to separate from others.

On bars thought, there is not much of men, and most of them are afraid to approach. So that makes the competition already easier, as the ratio of guys hitting on one girls is hundred times smaller on bar than on Tinder. Continue reading “6 reasons why bars are better place to get girls than Tinder”

A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)

You have successfully picked up a girl, got her phone number, texting her. Everything is going well, she’s into you and the future looks bright. Then suddenly she goes no contact. A full radio silence. She’s not answering anymore to your messages.

Sounds familiar?

In this post I’m going to go through how to deal when she is not answering anymore on you messages/phone calls, a flaking. Continue reading “A girl doesn’t answer on my messages anymore. What to do? (How to deal with flakes)”

Did Tinder ruin the daygame?

After tinder and other dating apps appeared on smarphones, they increased dramatically online dating scene. It was just easy to get straight off your phone to get contact of opposite sex and skip some traditional dating principles. Tinder was for sure a game changer.

As for daygame, which is mostly picking up phonenumbers that you can turn to dates, on Tinder you don’t have to do cold approaching and can easily get more and faster phonenumbers.

To the point, is there a reason to daygame anymore if you can just do Tinder? Continue reading “Did Tinder ruin the daygame?”

How to be playful and escalate on dates

If you have no idea what to do on dates, how to keep conversation flowing, how to go for kiss, maybe sex on the first date; here is complete guide how to do it.

I would like to share a quick story first about my experience to go for sex on first dates. It took me long time to figure out how to do this, but then it clicked. You can skip this story and go straight to the guide below this paragraph.

Quick story of getting laid on first date

So, I had picked up this girl’s phone number and set up date. When I arrived to the place we had settled (bus station), she was already there. I walked towards her and greet her:

Me: “Hello, nice to meet you”

Her: “Hello, you too!”

I hugged her and said: “You look good!”. She smiled and thank. I asked something like this:

Me: “You have any idea of good bars around here?”

She had idea. I took command and said her to lead us there. We walked to the bar hand in hand (The key is to make it physical as soon as possible, so she can be comfortable later for going make out). We had some small talk on the way to the bar, like asking how was her day went so far. I already acting playful at this moment and she was flirting back.

After we arrived to the bar, we ordered drinks and went to the table. It was a quiet bar. Not those loud nightclubs you can’t here anything. Btw, don’t ever arrange a first date (or any date) on these kinds of nightclubs, it’s a disaster from my experience.

Anyway, I sat close beside her. Having the playful attitude whole time. After about 15 minutes I went for kiss. She agreed. It escalated a more passionate making out. I brushed her hair and said something like: “I’m getting boner haha. You’are so hot”. She was getting horny too. Then I asked either we could go to her or mine place. She asked me to her place. We drank our drinks and left the bar, went on her place. Things went for sex immediately after we got there.

This story was not for bragging. It was one of the examples how to get laid on first date. Below are more detailed steps what to do, what to say and how to go for kiss.

Meeting her

If you got her phone number example on Tinder , and you have changed just a few words via texting, the first encounter when you meet at the date is important.  Go straight to her and hug, say something like “you look good”. Don’t handshake. Continue reading “How to be playful and escalate on dates”