The Lonewolf Game

Learn How To Go Alone To Bar or Nightclub and get Laid in 15 Minutes

The Lonewolf Game is complete Pickup Guide on Nightlife For Men

“The Lonewolf Game” is 112 pages long book where my inspiration to write Pickup Tips for Men started originally.

If you don’t know my background story, shortly:

I was the generic “Nice Guy” until 19 years old, missing the backbone to stand for myself and I lacked enough good looks to pull girls. Besides these, I was suffering extreme Social Anxiety and Shyness.

As depressed I was about my life, that I will never get Girlfriend or lose my Virginity, I had to make the Change.

So I tried to beat my shyness and find Girlfriend by going alone to Bars and Nightclubs. There was no Tinder at the time, so these were the only options I knew where I could meet women, as I didn’t have any girl in my social circle.

After hundreds of nights going this “Lone Wolf Path” with testing every possibly way to pickup women, it finally clicked.

I mastered the art of going solo and seduce woman.

If you are more interested about my story, you can read here how I did it.

Anyway, back to The Lonewolf Game: In this book I’ve shared all my Gems and Secrets about how to go alone to Bar and get Laid under 15 minutes, how to F#ck women at Nightclub Toilet and interesting stuff if you are willing to live Player Lifestyle.

Of course you can use these techniques to find a long term Relationship if you are not into this hedonistic lifestyle.

These techniques are designed to Attract every type of woman to Fell in You…

This book is not only Bar Pickup guide. It’s Complete Guide to start your Journey for Living the Life to the Fullest.

Forging memories to Remember for when you are Old.

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Table of Contents

If you would like to see the Table of Contents of The Lonewolf Game, see below:

Table of Contents Part 1
Table of Contents Part 2
Table of Contents Part 3
Table of Contents Part 4

Complete Package of the Full Version of “The Lonewolf Game” and “The Player System

The Lonewolf Game is complete Pickup Guide on Nightlife For Men

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The Player System is my another book which contains more guide’s for Daytime Pickup, Dating, Relationship and Bedroom Performance. If you want to learn more, read here.

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