Why going to gym and getting good body alone won’t get you automatically girls?

When I was younger, I had much better body than I have now. I trained like beast back then, going to gym almost everyday and packing a good amount of mass while staying at pretty low fat percentage.

I had a great body, but I still got zero experience with girls.

Compared to nowadays when I’m not as good shape as I used to be, I’m complete opposite of I used to be when it goes to girls.

Back then I thought if I got a great body, girls would approach me and take an initiative. It never happened. And I got depressed about it, as I saw a many guys who never went to gym having girlfriends.

Until I finally started my journey of becoming confident around girls, I realized how the dating game worked. As a man it was my responsibility to take an action and approach.

On the beginning I was still very bad at social situations and nervous around girls, but I still got compliments about my body. As being too afraid to not take an action and taking things further, having a good body was useless. It did make me more attractive and girls more interested in me, but as I didn’t know how to talk with girls, I didn’t get any.

The good body alone won’t get you automatically flooding with girls. You still need to have a decent social skills,  and most importantly be confident around girls and having a mentality you can fuck them. Also you need to take an initiative and actually approach and not wait for them coming.

When you combine them with having a good body, your success rate of getting girls will sky rocket.

Don’t get depressed if you have worked hard and got good gains, resulting to having zero contact with girls.

When you already have a great body, you have done the hardest part. Now it’s just time to improve the other aspects and take an action to approach girls.

How to get an advantage of having a good body?

The good body gets you a huge advantage and greatly boosts your sex appeal. Some ways to get advantage of having it:

  • Post shirtless pics to Tinder or other dating apps you are using. If you are not showing your hard work around, you are shooting yourself in leg. It’s not turn off to show off your body if you are in great shape. I was firstly skeptic about this, but then I realized that success on Tinder was much better than not having a shirtless pic. I didn’t see a difference neither the shirtless pic was stealthy from beach, or straight selfie from my bathroom.
  • Have a tight t-shirts when you go to bars. This gives an illusion to having even more bigger arms and looks sexy. One mistake I used to past when having a good body, was having a loose shirts. They effectively hides your physique and can make you look like having an average body.
  • On dance floor when you are dancing with girl, take her hand on your ripped abs. Maybe show them off. By doing this alone have granted me lays. When you do it confidently, the success is guaranteed.


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