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Are you ready to become the Boss of Your Own? The Lonewolf Mentality is break through to make you achieve following:

  • How to Beat Social Anxiety and Shyness.
  • Acquiring “I don’t give a F#@k” Attitude
  • Boost Your Confidence and Social Skills Dramatically
  • Learn how to go alone to Bars or Nightclubs and get laid under 15 minutes
  • How to start Making Money online and Passive Income
  • Getting Motivation to Hit the Gym and Acquiring the Body of Your Dreams

And Much more…

I am Brad. And I am here to teach You how to become the Boss. This site was originally my zero to hero story from kissless teen who was rejected by all the girls at high school, to turning myself into Pimp living the Full Player Lifestyle. This transformation happened when I forced myself to go alone to bars again and again…

Until it all clicked.

Now I am sharing my best tips to you, not only related to getting laid or relationship advice, but also other areas too, like:

  • Fitness/Bodybuilding
  • Overcoming Shyness and Improving Social Skills
  • Motivational Stories and Posts for You to Start Your own Self-Improvement Journey
  • Making Money Online and Blogging

Depending on what Category You are most interested, explore articles of these categories below please:

– Dating Advice and How to Seduce Women?

– Anxiety Support and Help With Shyness

– Psychology and Motivation

– Fitness and Bodybuilding. Tips for Gym.

– Martial Arts and Self Defense

– My Nutritional Experiences to Maximize Performance and Testosterone

– How to Make Money Online?

You can explore the posts in this website here or take a read on the Prologue of this Website:


If you are not willing to see how Dating Game works in Realistic way, please leave now. This isn’t for you.

Otherwise keep reading!

Why do women always go for BadBoys ?

Badboys have all the traits women find attractive. They are masculine, don’t give a fuck about other’s opinions and go for own goals, do whatever they want. I’m not going to tell you that you should turn yourself into a thug.

But if you are struggling with women or you want to improve your dating life dramatically, I’m here to give you the Tips.

Tips like how to become much more attractive, master your Dating Game or how to acquire ”Bad Boy” vibe. Vibe that attracts women dramatically.

About My Past.

How I went from kissless virgin to live Full Player Lifestyle with the path of Lonewolf Mentality

I used to be overly nice guy and struggled to get girls in my late teens, until I decided that something need to change or I will never get a Girlfriend.

I had no girls in Social Circle, so my only option left was: Going out alone in order to try to pickup women.

By going alone to bars again and again…

By doing hundreds if not thousands of approaches…

To finally mastering the Dating Game after getting the experience. I turned myself to complete opposite what I used to be: Casanova.

By building a core full of confidence and by tremendous success with women, I started to live a Player Lifestyle.

The concept ”Lone Wolf Mentality”. It’s a metaphor of my journey for taking solo path to become the Boss of My Own Happiness.

I used to be the guy in the group who nobody would notice.

After my journey, not only did I get fulfilling, rich dating life, but also acquired a lot more:

To improve my social skills and make a new great friends and append my social circle.

I can say it’s f@cking great feeling when your happiness isn’t dependent on others.

How to start Your Journey for getting more Women with the Path of Lonewolf Mentality?

Either you have zero experience with women or want to improve your current dating life, you can find all the information here.

I myself started this as kissless virgin teenage who suffered from bad social anxiety.

Outer Traits

The first step is to maximize your potential and become as attractive as you can. In this post I have wrote a step by step guide how to become good looking.

Along with becoming good looking, there is a lot more.

If you want to get Motivation and Mood boost:

Shyness and Social Anxiety

To Break your Social Anxiety or Beat the Shyness, check this article.

In this post I tell my story about how I started going out alone and became comfortable about it.

How to Pickup Women At Bars or Nightclubs

Here are posts about how pickup women at Bars and Dance Floor.

Besides Night Life

How to Pickup Women at Daytime, like at Coffee Shops.

If you don’t like Bars here is alternative solution:

I’m not personally fan of alcohol.

I did improve my social skills and dating game so far that I didn’t need alcohol anymore to relax myself and boosting my social performance.

You can get there too.

No more Hangover Please.

I still drink from time to time and every time I immediately regret doing so.

The reason why I don’t like alcohol:

I get so horrible hangovers and a week of depression from one night of binge drinking. So I made this Hangover Preventing Guide, if you decide to go Bars and you get too wasted.

There is a lot More to Explore…

Anyway, discover the blog and the categories to find more of tips for starting your journey to get more women .

Complete Guide For Going Alone To Bar or Nightclub to Get Laid with Lonewolf Mentality

The Lonewolf Game Cover

I’ve written a book: “The Lonewolf Game“. It’s 112 pages long book with detailed guide’s for Men who want have success by going solo to Night Life.

Read more about “The Lonewolf Game” here


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