3 Muscle Groups that Women find the most Sexy

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As you know that looks matters to women, I wanted to list what muscles women have told me in the past to be hot or sexy.

Looks is not all though when it comes to seducing women, so if you are insecure about your looks, read this story about way below average guy who slayed pussy like crazy.

I am not trying to subtle brag in this post, as I share some of my success stories. I want to motivate you to train hard and party hard…

#1 Veins

You know the pumped veins on forearms after a hard gym session?

If you are considering either this is hot or not to women, a short story:

I was on the first date with this Tinder chick. Before the date, I had hit up the gym, and my arms were pumped, as was my veins.

It was a warm summer day, and I was only wearing a t-shirt (the type I use in the styling guide). As the date was at the pub and ended up on her place on the first date, as usual, this chick told me after the sex that the first second she saw me on the date, she paid attention in my pumped veins.

She told me that they looked hot as f#@k.

That wasn’t the first or last time I heard this “compliment”. Many women have told me that pumped veins on men are sexy.

So remember the next time when you are going to date, and the weather is good, hit up the gym before, pump those forearms and go to f#@k her…

Veins are sexy…

#2 Traps

I showed my shirtless pictures to women I was dating.

I asked what part is the most attractive?

To my surprise, it wasn’t Sixpack Abs.

It was the traps/shoulder area. She told me that it’s the sexiest part. Again, not the first neither last time I heard it…

If you already don’t train traps area, it’s time to start hit it hard…

#3 Abs

This is a common sense, but I still wanted to state this as to motivate you to acquire those sixpack abs. With few examples:

  • On Tinder, I got messages like “I want your abs” etc… (Use shirtless pics on Tinder if you already don’t)
  • I changed my WhatsApp profile pic to a shirtless pic with ripped abs. Not long until one of my ex’s contacted my and wanted to meet (I didn’t have the sixpack at the time I was dating with her)
  • At the club, I was dancing with these two chicks. I grabbed one of them hand to touch my abs, and she was shocked and lifted a little bit my shirt. Both of these were screaming (in a positive way) and wanted to touch my abs. It was a toilet f#@k at that night… Like I shared stories in the Player Journal Part 2 about toilet sex at clubs…


These three muscle groups/traits I have personally found out/heard from women to be the most sexually attractive parts.

The picture below is an old picture of me with the body that granted me the best success:

Not a huge size, but lean muscles and very low bodyfat %. That’s the most attractive body type and what you should aim for. I am 176lbs/80 kg at that pic (I am 5’11 tall).

If you have tried out several routines to get bodyfat down to 10% without success or you have lost the motivation, check out this program. It includes both: Program to get a motivated AND proven routine to get bodyfat around 8%.

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