6 Not so often stated Bad Habits You Should Stop Doing Right Now

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Do you want to become Happier?

Below is a list of 6 Bad Habits you should stop doing immediately to improve the quality of your life.

Besides basic “Don’t smoke a cigarette and don’t drink alcohol”, I wanted to write a list of Non-Mainstream Bad Habits to stop doing to make You more Happier:

#1 Stop Reading News (Too often).

Of course, it’s necessary from time to time to check the newspaper to know what’s going on in the world, but to read regularly? Media is mostly full of negative news, as they get people’s attention. By not checking out the newspaper daily, you are preventing yourself from getting drawn to read these articles. Negative news = Negative mind. When you check news just every now and then, you are much more happier when you don’t read those negative news.

#2 Stop Following Politics.

Following politics is a dead-end tunnel which only pulls you more dept in the depressing world of Politics. If you are not aiming to make your career as a politician, there is not any reason to follow this depressing topic. You have no power to affect (voting every few years?).

I know people who are always talking about politics and follow it constantly, and all of them are always still depressed about how bad the current politics are. They have no power to do anything but whine about it. This kind of behavior is poisonous to your mind and drains lots of your energy.

I used to be like them in the past, but fortunately, I stopped that behavior. I can say it makes you 100x happier when you don’t follow any politics. They are the ultimate recipe for being always angry and having negative thoughts.

#3 Stop using Social Media.

You don’t want to live your life by living it on Social Media in the hope of getting constant dopamine rushes and ego boost when people like your pictures.

Last time I was at the music festival, my mind was blown how all the people were on their smartphones all the time.

In the past, people actually did FOCUS on the music and having fun, living the life and having good memories…

This time it did look like they are not there to have fun, but to have good pictures for Social Media so they can have ego boost.

I have seen a lot of examples like above, where people’s only goal for going to have some experience is to have good photos to Instagram.

That’s not real life…

I wrote an article about why Social Media is Poison for Your Mind. Check it out here.

#4 Sleeping Schedule of staying up late in the night and waking up on the afternoon.

Even I’m myself personally nocturnal animal, and I love to stay awake for long and going to sleep around 2 AM-5 AM, I realized this is a nasty habit.

I was envy for those who could quickly wake up early in the morning, as waking up early was really really hard for me.

I managed to change my sleeping schedule, though, to go early bed and to wake up early.

And I can say it’s a lot better schedule for you than waking up late.

Even there are the same amount of hours either you go bed late and wake up late, or the opposite, waking up early makes you feel that you have achieved a lot on that day and makes you have a better state of mind.

It was hard for me to achieve that schedule as I loved the wake up late schedule, but definitely worth it!

#5 Negative Thoughts.

Jealousy, Feeling of Bitter, Feeling of Envy…

And many other negative thoughts…

They are all poison for your mind.

Negative thoughts don’t grant you nothing, but they take away a lot from you…

They drain your energy. They make you behavior harmful…

If you want to get over these negative thoughts, one good trick is to learn how to live in the moment and learn that you have no impact on the Past.

What has happened in the past, is gone. You have no power over it.

Many negative thoughts have roots in the experiences of the past.

If you can manage to learn how to not care about the past, as you can’t go back there, but you have Power on this moment.

Right now.

Use the energy you would otherwise use by thinking the past, to achieve your goals Now.

You can affect this moment and the future, but not in the past.

Check this article for more information to beat those negative thoughts: How to get over Jealousy? Guide to Overcome Negative Thoughts

#6 Overdoing Fitness and Working Out.

As many would say that working out is the best health decision you can make, I don’t disagree with that.

Working out is one of the most important habits you should do.

But overdoing it…

Many people can easily fall into this trap of dedicating life for fitness.

I did too.

I had no other life than going to gym and working out.

I did acquire great gains and aesthetic body with Ripped Abs and 8% bodyfat with Muscles, but other aspects of my life did suffer.

I had literally no life behind the Gym.

By calculating every micro calories and having a detailed schedule for workouts, I couldn’t enjoy other things in life.

This lifestyle did make my social life suffer a lot…

For example, I didn’t want to go to parties or other social events, as they would ruin my gains.

In the end, I would definitely change the way I lived.

Living a rich life with great memories to remember for is key to happiness.

As I missed a lot of these memories by overdoing the fitness, I regret a lot for going the route of overdoing fitness…


If you are not a professional athlete and you get your living by working out, slow down if you have gone too deep in the fitness world.

Don’t let workouts to make your social life suffer. Go for socializing and go for moderation in the gym.

By spending years in the gym and finally acquiring a body of dreams, it isn’t worth of years of rich and funny memories to remember for…


This list of bad habits to stop doing was written by my own experiences. When I did stop making these bad habits, the quality of my life improved dramatically.

Hopefully, yours will too!

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