7 Basic Martial Arts kicks You can train at Home.

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Check the Kicks from the video

Hi friend, long time since last Martial Arts related post.

Now I made a short video with seven basic kicks, and furthermore I was planning to create detailed tutorial for each one: Step by step and what mistakes to avoid.

Now you might be asking:

What Martial Arts has to do with Getting Laid?

Well, as I have mentioned earlier in several articles: By training martial arts you will acquire the following:

  • Confidence boost
  • Better Discipline
  • Strength/Stamina/Muscle Gains all in one package, leading to hotter body.
  • Women loves men who can protect them
  • If you end up in the fight for example at the club, because you were picking up a girl and some jealous guy tries to attack you, you know how to defend yourself.
  • By training kicks your will acquire a hot ass which women loves…

And there are a lot more reasons to train Martial Arts. Read more about that in this article: Why you should start training Martial Arts?

This was just a short post describing the video above, and as I told, I will make the tutorials later. Which you can start learning at home by then…

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