7 Ways to Speed Up Recover Process Of Breakup and Getting Over Your Ex-Girlfriend

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How to Get Completely over Your Ex Girlfriend?

Hopefully this article helps if you are in that horrible situation of bad break up depression…

The Time heals all wounds.

By stating Quote above though won’t be helpful, so below is list of 7 Ways to relieve broken heart and speed up the recover process from breakup to get over your ex-girlfriend:

#1 Avoid Social Media (Very Important)

I point this first because it can save you from lot of pain which you already probably have a lot after breaking up.

Never, never stalk her Social Media. If/when you see her with new guy or boyfriend, you’ll get crushed. I did this bad mistake years ago after breakup and it hurt like hell.
So avoid checking up her Instagram (If she have) and block her on all Social Media’s.

I recommend to Remove All your Social Media’s though, as they are Poison for your Mind.

get over ex girlfriend

#2 Start writing a list of her bad habits

Take a pen and paper.

Start remembering yours Relationship History.

Write down every negative aspect of her that comes on your mind. Example bad habits she had that you didn’t like.

Read this notepad every time you start missing her. This reminds you that she wasn’t the perfect, even guys use to think that every ex was perfect one.

No one is.

By doing this you drive away the depressing feeling of missing her and in the long run speeds up your healing curve as you are starting miss her less and less.

This doesn’t mean you should start hating her. This is for your own mental health to get better after breakup depression.

#3 Start Reforging the Memories.

Now that you have lost probably one of the most important person in your life the time you had Relationship, the old memories comes up to mind.

If you had many years relationship, you shared a lot of experiences and memories with her.

These are very painful moments when those memories creeps in your mind and you know she isn’t there anymore.

So to fix this, you need to start reforging new memories and live the life for fullest.

I know it can be very hard to cripple up from there if the Breakup Depression is really bad.

But you need to Force Yourself to start gaining these new experiences.

These Experiences could be example:

  • Travelling
  • Starting a new hobby you always wanted to try, like:
  • Having good times with your friends
  • Learning some new skill which distracts your thoughts off her, example programming or playing guitar

And so on…

As you get these new Experiences and Memories, you are speeding up the process by getting something other to think and focus about than your ex.

#4 Hit the Gym Hard and Lift Weights like Beast

Needless to say this, but lifting weights hard is definitely one of the best methods to distract her off your mind.

Even if you are already very experienced Lifter or zero experience on gym, Post-Breakup is the best time to focus full on going to gym.

Use your negative feelings, sadness, hatred, bitterness, whatever the breakup left for you, to Lift Hard.

This will release body’s own Painkillers for Mind and Body: Endorphins.

I can’t right now find the research which was stating that Men’s Testosterone Levels raise up after breakup.

I think it’s legit though after experiencing multiple of them in the past:

After every breakup I hit the gym like beast.
Even if that research won’t be legit, lifting weights as hard as you can Raises naturally your Testosterone levels. Especially when training legs.

So don’t skip leg day and if you are interested more methods to maximize your Testosterone levels Naturally, read more here: Natural ways to maximize Testosterone

#5 Avoid Sad Music and Love Songs

Listening songs about broken hearts will only twist the knife in your wounds.

Listen some music that pumps you up, motivates you.

Depending what category you like, I personally would go for Rap, choose something non depressing music.

When you listen those love songs, you aren’t getting nowhere and you are just crippling in depression and hoping her coming back.

#6 Go for other women (controversial)

By going for other women can be good for your recover.


It can make it even worse.

Depending on the woman. If you think your ex was better than new woman and you still have sex with this new woman, you’ll have a short relieve. After sex you are starting to miss your ex again and you might get thoughts like:

“I will never find as good as my ex was”

So if you go this route, make sure you are highly attracted to this new woman. Be greedy about who you go in bed with. Only one’s who you think are at least equal with your ex.

This way you can prevent the above.

#6 Remember that Sun will Shine again

Keep in mind that the depression and craving over your ex girlfriend won’t last forever.

Even if it feels like that now.

The healing process of the breakup depression is Linear:

The first you are thinking her almost 24/7.

Then most time of the day.

Then still daily, but maybe once or twice.

Then few days a week.

And so on…

I can say it’s one of the best feelings in the world when you wake up in the morning and you have healed completely.

You won’t think her, or if you do, you don’t feel “miss her”. You are like: “Oh, she was my ex. Now going to other stuff I had to do”.

You are no longer making it big deal like in the beginning.

That day will appear… You just need to be patient. But when you know this, it motivates you to not give up and do some harmful things to yourself.

#7 No contact At All

The last but not least.

Delete her phone number. Delete all Social Media contacts as said in the #1 point.

Optionally delete all the pictures you had together. This can be hard, but the less she is coming in your mind through days, the healing is faster.

If you don’t want to delete all the pictures, at least hide them somewhere you can’t find them. Take backup of them from your phone and then delete all the pictures related to her from your phone.

If she texts you, example asks how you are doing, you can reply BUT don’t keep conversation flowing.

She can try to play with your feelings and crave attention from you, but she might have zero doubts to get back together with you.

So to avoid prolonging your pain, don’t contact her. Even it feels like best thing you could do right now.

It will backlash really bad on you and slowdown the healing process.

Best thing to do is to not think at all what she’s doing right now or is she thinking you.

Focus your new life.

You need to realize that now you have a new chapter in life ahead you, she is not in this chapter.


Hopefully these 7 Points and This Article is or was helpful for anyone who is going through bad breakup depression and feels like there is no hope.

I wanted to list things that have helped me in the past breakups to get over my ex girlfriend(s).

And things to avoid that will make you feel worse (I have done these mistakes)

If you got Cheated by your Ex Girlfriend, here is another article to help recovering after getting cheated on.

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