About Brad

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About Brad


I’m Brad Shoc, 29 years old. I’ve written here self-improvement and dating advice, based on my 10 years experience on field.

Countless of approaches, dates, lays, rejections, club nights, relationships…

A lot have changed in these 10 years. I’m totally different person now, than  what I used to be: A shy, insecure, zero experience with women. A naive teenager who just wanted a girlfriend.

My story

I was a generic nice guy, too kind for everyone and not having any backbone. A little nerdish, I liked playing videogames like World of Warcraft and other fantasy things. I  did also a lot of sports and started going gym on very young age, achieving a great physique on age 18. It didn’t grant me girls though as I was too shy.

I always believed the phrase: a one day you will find the girl of your dreams if you wait long enough.

At the time I thought it was enough if I was a nice for people, not drinking, doing sports and having a great body; sooner or later some girl would approach me and ask me for date. How wrong I was.

I was waiting for years. Nothing changed.  Watching aside as time flows, guys at my high school finding girlfriend off their social circle. I was so shy that I couldn’t make any new friends on high school, I was out of these circles. There were no girls in the social circle I had out of school. So getting a girlfriend via social circle was no option.

Then one day I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew I had to do a major change if I want to get a girlfriend. I wouldn’t get a girlfriend via social circle. Girls won’t approach me and ask for a date. So the last option was to take the initiative by myself.

I was ready to anything. I was like f@#k it, no matter how many rejections I get I go out there and approach. That day changed my life.

Although I hadn’t any idea how to approach, what to say, how to talk with girls, I went out there again and again. I remember the first approach like yesterday: at the bar I awkwardly approached two girls, and of course it didn’t went anywhere, it was a big step out of comfort zone which I was about expand. I did it again. Got rejected. Did more, got rejected even more.

I learned from the mistakes what to do and what not to do, until I mastered it. One day, after lot of effort the pieces of puzzle got complete.  I was starting to get kisses. Then dates. Then I finally lost virginity, and then the snowball just kept rolling. My confidence improved exponentially. I started to get more lays, more dates. More lays in less time. More hardcore stuff.

I achieved so much more that I thought was possible. This journey has taught me so much. Leaving the comfort zone was best decision I ever did. Not only it has granted a great dating life, but it affects a positive way in every aspect of my life. Getting rid of shyness, social anxiety. Being much more confident.


Lone Wolf Mentality – the title came up on my mind when I was thinking some good name for the guide of going bars alone and getting laid. Title fit good in it and so I decided to keep it.

Not only I have written here guides about getting girls, but overall other aspects of self-improvement.

If you are stuck on dating life, read my posts here. Hopefully you’ll find them helpful.

But remember, all I can do is to give you the tools, you need to go by yourself out there and get the real life experience to get good at this. That’s the only way. No amount of reading will do it.

If you have any questions, just contact me at bradshoc[at]lonewolfmentality.com

Hope you enjoy this site!