Why you should start training Martial Arts?

Check My Taekwondo Training Video Here.

In this Article I tell you why starting to train Martial Arts is one of the Best things you can do.

I have a long history with different kinds of martial arts (Around 10 years).

By starting train Martial Arts was one of the best decisions of my life.

Even they didn’t directly did beat my shyness or granted me women, they had a much better impact on my life:

The discipline they taught. It’s a lot more valuable than getting laid. It helps you in every aspect of life, by granting you the mindset of iron will and not give up.

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Lone Wolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

Lone Wolf Mentality is a philosophy for me to be the boss of my own. The goal is to not be follower of the pack, the society and let my happiness being dependent by other’s, but having my happiness only being dependent of my own actions.

This doesn’t mean being a thug or outlaw. The goal is to:

  • Acquire as much money or great career to not be dependent on the Rat Race and having fate as wage slave on the dead end job.
  • Acquire demeanor that I can do things happily alone that normally people wouldn’t. Like going alone to bars, movies etc. In other words, being not dependent on schedules but having my own clock to do whatever I want whenever I want.
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Fleshlight Review

Are you planning to buy Fleshlight or have you ever thought how good it really is? Keep Reading.

The one who did intend the Fleshlight should get Award from this excellent invention. It really deserves it. That’s why I wanted to write a review about Fleshlight and is it really as good as some people say. Like Fleshlight is better than real pussy.

Besides the pleasure, Fleshlight can be used to train you beast in bedroom with tremendous stamina…

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How to retain woman’s interest after first time of having sex if you would like to meet her again

Let’s go through steps about what to do in situation where you have had sex with new cool girl you would like to meet again. No one night stand, but retaining her interest and maybe building a relationship, making her your new Girlfriend.

The first time when your p is in her v is the most critical point of how things will continue after this. Will she be more interested in you? Or will she lose the interest? Is she willing to meet you again?

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How to build courage to approach women with zero fear and not caring about rejections – Complete Guide

So here’s is the guide how you can build a hard core of inner confidence of not giving a f@#k about rejections and how to approach women confidently with no fear.

As you now know my background, I started this journey by going alone to bars. That put me really uncomfortable situations and wasn’t probably best way to start this. But the real improvement when I got completely rid of my approach anxiety happened after I started applying these drills in this method on daytime. Continue reading “How to build courage to approach women with zero fear and not caring about rejections – Complete Guide”

How to meet Women if you cant Drink Alcohol and Go to Bars or don’t want to use Tinder?

The Alcohol is root of all evil. Below is guide how you can meet women if you cant drink alcohol.

Are you tired of having your Dating Life dependent on Poison?

Are you tired of Tinder and other dating apps/sites?

Hopefully this article helps you to find another approach to meet women without drinking alcohol and suffering from hangovers

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13 Ways To Improve Your Social Skills

If you have always thought that social skills can’t be improved, you are wrong. Here are 13 effective ways about how to improve social skills.

Social skill is a skill like playing guitar. It can be learned. It can be improved, which requires doing it again and again.

I’m not extrovert naturally myself. I’m not high energy guy always having a need to say something. I’m very calm. But the difference how I used to be, is not what I say, but how I behave. The tone of voice, body language, facial expressions. Even I’m not social butterfly and the center of the party, I’m not shy anymore. And it’s the first thing to get over to improve social skills.

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How the Dating Game works?

Why do Women always go for BadBoys and Douchebags? The Truth about Dating Game is explained below…

The truth why I’m Against the Mainstream Dating Advice…

Numbers Game = Dating Game?

What is Dating Game?

It’s always the numbers game.

Women rarely takes an initiative as they already get approached by guys all the time. Either in real life or on social media, so they won’t bother to take an action. They won’t take the risk to get rejected.

So you need to take an action and approach. The more you approach, the more you have chances to get laid. You just need to be in the right place at right time. The probability of being there will raise the more you approach.

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