Caffeine good or bad for libido?

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In short term, good. Caffeine will boost libido if taken in moderate.

In long term, caffeine will cause sex drive to fall hard.

From my own experience, every time my caffeine tolerance goes to roof (somewhere over 1000mg a day), my erections are less harder than off caffeine. At this consumption also if there is no caffeine in system, desires for sex are dropping huge. Only after getting cup of coffee the desires go up again.

I’m always cycling with caffeine. First my tolerance go to roof and I only hide withdrawals at this point. Then I stop it for a while and after my tolerance have gone to zero, I’m starting to get again the energy and motivation boost I had on first hand.

Anyway, at my longest break on caffeine (around 1 month), I felt like teenage again. Stone hard morning woods, much more hornier than normally. Not to say other benefits, like much cleaner skin and more deeper sleep. Felt like I used to feel in past.

Caffeine is surely a poison for body, but I’s so socially acceptable and legal, so it’s hard to avoid if you have got a caffeine addiction.

After stopping you always got to the point where you drink a one cup of coffee. Then you feel a really stimulated and full of energy for few hours due to lowered tolerance. And then crash. Feeling exhausted and depressed. Cure: one more cup a coffee. And the circle starts.

At the moment I still drink coffee, but not so much what I used in past. The tolerance has however raised a little bit, and I’m again feeling like the caffeine induced depression and anxiety is getting back. Every time this happens. Also I have noticed the effects on libido, it’s surely a lower than on caffeine free.

Caffeine is taxing for adrenal glands and cause cortisol levels to skyrocket. In long term causing adrenal fatigue.

High cortisol levels lower testosterone levels, and testosterone levels have high impact on libido. It can be a one reason for drop in libido.

If you are a heavy caffeine user and have noticed weaker erections, I recommend to lower your caffeine intake. If you haven’t ever tried it, you may see a huge improvement on male performance. It’s hard to stop it, as withdrawal induced exhaustion is terrible. Many days/weeks of having literally zero energy. Even getting up on bed is a heavy task. But after that it’s worth it.

F@#k, I need to stop drinking coffee completely myself (again).

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