Lone Wolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

Lone Wolf Mentality is a philosophy for me to be the boss of my own. The goal is to not be follower of the pack, the society and let my happiness being dependent by other’s, but having my happiness only being dependent of my own actions.

This doesn’t mean being a thug or outlaw. The goal is to:

  • Acquire as much money or great career to not be dependent on the Rat Race and having fate as wage slave on the dead end job.
  • Acquire demeanor that I can do things happily alone that normally people wouldn’t. Like going alone to bars, movies etc. In other words, being not dependent on schedules but having my own clock to do whatever I want whenever I want.
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How to gain confidence and break the approach anxiety?

UPDATE! This post is more detailed how to get over the fear of approaching. The original Article (below) is more theory and my story of getting over the social anxiety.

Btw  this article is one of the first articles I wrote when I started blogging, so the writing style of my newer content might be little different 🙂

Anyway, the original Article is below:

Gaining confidence is simple but not easy. You’ve probably already heard this, but it’s this kind of cycle: you do something -> you succeed -> you acquire bit of confidence -> you do it again with better result due to earlier gained confidence -> you succeed even more and get more confidence.

This is something that I remember was taught on school, but I never believed on that crap and applied it. Like giving a presentation in front of class, how would kid full of insecurity get a success by failing completely in front of class speaking with shaky voice, sweating and hands shaking like crazy. I never did. All it did just made it worse, failing made me more paranoid and insecure for next presentation. Continue reading “How to gain confidence and break the approach anxiety?”