How to meet Women if you cant Drink Alcohol and Go to Bars or don’t want to use Tinder?

The Alcohol is root of all evil. Below is guide how you can meet women if you cant drink alcohol.

Are you tired of having your Dating Life dependent on Poison?

Are you tired of Tinder and other dating apps/sites?

Hopefully this article helps you to find another approach to meet women without drinking alcohol and suffering from hangovers

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13 Ways To Improve Your Social Skills

If you have always thought that social skills can’t be improved, you are wrong. Here are 13 effective ways about how to improve social skills.

Social skill is a skill like playing guitar. It can be learned. It can be improved, which requires doing it again and again.

I’m not extrovert naturally myself. I’m not high energy guy always having a need to say something. I’m very calm. But the difference how I used to be, is not what I say, but how I behave. The tone of voice, body language, facial expressions. Even I’m not social butterfly and the center of the party, I’m not shy anymore. And it’s the first thing to get over to improve social skills.

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How the Dating Game works?

Why do Women always go for BadBoys and Douchebags? The Truth about Dating Game is explained below…

The truth why I’m Against the Mainstream Dating Advice…

Numbers Game = Dating Game?

What is Dating Game?

It’s always the numbers game.

Women rarely takes an initiative as they already get approached by guys all the time. Either in real life or on social media, so they won’t bother to take an action. They won’t take the risk to get rejected.

So you need to take an action and approach. The more you approach, the more you have chances to get laid. You just need to be in the right place at right time. The probability of being there will raise the more you approach.

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Finding a Niche will get you Hot Women

This one critical, yet rarely mentioned thing can open you doors for enjoying the time of your life. A Niche Style. Do women love beards now when having a beard is not anymore Niche Style?

I will explain you in this Article the importance of Niche Style and Attraction (Btw check my Styling Tips for Best Success with Women here)

Women love guys who are little unique and stand out of other’s.

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Losing your virginity is the hardest lay you need to achieve

Only Books You Need to Acquire Success with Women

Get Laid in 15 Days even if you are a Virgin? Above books are the solution, besides all the other helpful non-mainstream dating advice, they contains a proven program designed to get you laid in 15 days. All starting from the scratch, meaning even if you have never even talked to girl, this program gives you a detailed step by step program to acquire the “Player Vibe” that most men are missing…

Read more here about the books.

If you haven’t lost your virginity yet, read this.

When you have zero experience with women, you have minimal confidence due to lack of success/experience which reflects on your upcoming experiences. You can fake it till you make it, but the vibe of zero experience will appear subconsciously around women.

This is the hardest part you need to get over. For this point it’s huge uphill battle. After you make it, every lay will be easier to get afterwards. Actually lay after lay you get it easier. It’s like women’s sixth sense of knowing you are getting girls.  Continue reading “Losing your virginity is the hardest lay you need to achieve”

6 reasons why Bars are better place to get Women than Tinder

Are you tired of using Tinder? Below is a List why you should go for Nightlife as Bars are way better than Tinder when you are aiming to get Laid.

I already wrote a shortly about this in this bar/club game post, but now I’m writing a little bit more about it.

Besides comparing Bars being better than Tinder, I can say that Cold Approaching at Daytime is also better than Tinder.

The competition

On Tinder/online dating, the competition is huge. An average girl can get hundreds of messages off guys. This makes it hard to separate from others.

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Lone wolf mentality as glitching your rank in social hierarchy

Lone Wolf Mentality is an Alpha Male demeanor if you play your cards right.

It’s the path of Being the Boss of Your Own, as I’m writing in this article:

Lonewolf Mentality? Not being a Loner but being the Boss of Your Own

Even if you feel introverted and you like to do things by yourself, Lone Wolf Mentality don’t mean you should be alone and no contact with other.

With this demeanor, if you want, you can easily expand your social circle and get people to be interested to hangout with you, getting new friends and so.

The Mindset I’m talking about is to get enough courage to do things you really want to do without caring what other people think. In other words “I don’t give a fuck attitude”. Lone Wolf Mentality is more like metaphor for that, surviving alone without requiring the help of pack.

It goes all the way based on your confidence. When you really act confident and do whatever you want to do, without needing other people with you, people are starting to follow you. When you really believe in what you are doing, take all the responsible for yourself, people believe in you.

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How to get out of Friendzone?

If you don’t want to get ever again Friendzoned, you came to right place.


The Original Article:

This is the situation you want to avoid at all cost.

Or let’s say, there are few types of friendzones:

The situation #1: You have known the girl years with no intend for anything sexual, just having her as buddy. Situation #2: You have known the girl years and you are interested in her in sexual manner, but she doesn’t feel the same. Situation #3: You have started dating a complete new girl you’ve never known before, example you picked her up on tinder. You’ve been on date and she says: “You are a very nice guy, but I think we should just be friends”. Continue reading “How to get out of Friendzone?”