Complete guide to become goodlooking

If you already haven’t check these guides, check them out. They have a detailed formula for going from approach to sex.

Low bodyfat %

Cutting body fat down to 10% or less is best thing you can do to make yourself better looking. Only after you have reached it this down, you can really see your real potential and the flaws you are missing that you can fix later. All your facial aesthetics will become visible at this point.

Why most men don’t cut down bodyfat%?

It’s interesting, thinking how much men put overall effort to get women, but really few cut their bf% this down. Maybe it’s  because of the lot of effort and work you need to get done to go down there. Not only after you have reached this point(sub 10%), you need to maintain it. Which is the hardest part. Definitely worth it though. Work hard, play hard. Continue reading “Complete guide to become goodlooking”

My experience with Finasteride (Propecia)


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Are you planning to Jump on Finasteride to prevent Baldness? Are you worried about how bad are Finasteride side effects?

Well, read my story and experience first. You’ll get the answer…

If you are not aware of the finasteride (Propecia), it’s medication used to treat male pattern baldness. It works by reducing the production of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is one of the most important hormone for men.

Hair Loss

The mechanism sounds scary. To shut down the production of hormone of manliness, which is responsible for sex drive and facial hair growth.  I’m not gonna talk about theory of how DHT is responsible for male pattern baldness, as I wanna go straight to the point. But quickly, DHT will cause baldness and finasteride prevent’s it by blocking DHT.

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How to get rid of bloated face?

Facial bloating is a one thing that certainly can make a huge difference between your attractiveness. A bloated face causes more feminine face and hides many attractive masculine qualities, like cheek bones, sharp jaw line.

Causes for bloating can be many, but in this post I’m gonna write down a list of things that can help to get rid of that irritating facial fat and make you more attractive.

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Depression and how it affect your attractiviness

I’ve been suffering from major depression twice. First one was after my breakup, and the second one after withdrawing from insomnia medication.

With major depression I don’t mean laziness, lethargicness, too tired to do anything, nothing is interesting. I had complete anhedonia. I couldn’t get pleasure out of anything. It was pure pain. All was just grey. When I woke up, all I wanted to was to get back to sleep. This bad it was from the medication induced withdrawal. On the breakup induced depression it wasn’t this bad and I could get shit done(still not 100%), unlike on the medication induced depression where my energy levels were complete zero.

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