Fleshlight Review

Are you planning to buy Fleshlight or have you ever thought how good it really is? Keep Reading.

The one who did intend the Fleshlight should get Award from this excellent invention. It really deserves it. That’s why I wanted to write a review about Fleshlight and is it really as good as some people say. Like Fleshlight is better than real pussy.

Besides the pleasure, Fleshlight can be used to train you beast in bedroom with tremendous stamina…

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Caffeine good or bad for libido?

In short term, good. Caffeine will boost libido if taken in moderate.

In long term, caffeine will cause sex drive to fall hard.

From my own experience, every time my caffeine tolerance goes to roof (somewhere over 1000mg a day), my erections are less harder than off caffeine. At this consumption also if there is no caffeine in system, desires for sex are dropping huge. Only after getting cup of coffee the desires go up again.

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Supplements to Boost Male Sex Drive

Problems with Bedroom Performance? Suffering on SSRI induced erectile dysfunction?

Hopefully below is Natural Fix for that without taking Medication…

In the last post I listed  five foods to boost the libido.

Now I want to make a list of supplements that greatly boosts a sex drive and help to last longer in bed. (Check also my Fleshlight review which also is very good for training stamina in bed)

I have personally tested tens of different supplements.

And sadly most of them are scam.

Some are Legit though.

Like the Supplements mentioned in this list…

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