Does Onion Juice raise Testosterone Levels 300%? Experiment

As I used to be a big fan of researching ways to maximize testosterone levels naturally (I have this complete testosterone maximizing guide here), I came across this myth about eating raw onion juice boosting testosterone levels 300%. My jaw dropped, 300 fucking percentage? This had to be tried out, so I experimented the myth: Does onion juice raise testosterone levels 300%?

Onion Juice = Secret to skyrocket the Testosterone?

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How to Cure Hangover?

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You know those Bullshit “How to Cure Hangover” Guide’s where they say something like: “Drink coffee, eat Pizza and take a walk”. That’s Fucking Bullshit guide and the one who wrote it, haven’t apparently had a Real Hangover…

Non-Bullshit “How Hangover cure guide” ahead, not like “Eat Pizza and take a light workout”…

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How to naturally maximize Testosterone levels

Testosterone, the male hormone. Dependent on things like manliness, confidence, aggression, strength, libido and mood.

Lack of testosterone can cause several health problems like:

  • Depression
  • Fatigue
  • Increased fat tissues
  • Low libido
  • Low strength
  • Brain-fog

It’s important to get your hormones on where they should be.

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