Did Tinder ruin the Daygame?

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If you are Familiar with PUA, you must know what the term Daygame is (It’s approaching women at daytime, here’s is step by step guide how to pickup women at Daytime) and now I want tell you if Tinder did ruin it.

After tinder and other dating apps appeared on smartphones, they increased dramatically online dating scene. It was just easy to get straight off your phone to get contact of opposite sex and skip some traditional dating principles. Tinder was for sure a game changer.

As for daygame, which is mostly picking up phone numbers that you can turn to dates, on Tinder you don’t have to do cold approaching and can easily get more and faster phone numbers (There can be same day lays though, like I tell in Player System)

To the point, is there a reason to daygame anymore if you can just do Tinder?


While I was on my first ltr, tinder was getting mainstream. Pre-tinder time I was only doing daygame on weeks, and nightgame on weekends. After I found Tinder when it was just getting popular, I got some lays off there before founding a girlfriend (not from tinder). After we break up, my motivation for game gone insane. I installed Tinder again, and did bars. Tinder had changed a lot of what it was on my first experience, no more events and Tinder+ etc. Felt like getting match was harder than before, even I tested using same pics I had earlier.

Anyway, I though if there is point doing daygame anymore and getting phonenumbers, if most girls are using Tinder and sharing their phonenumbers with bunch of guys and setting up dates via phones.

I went on field after a long break off day-gaming to find out. Some opener I remember using was like:

“I know there is a tinder and shit nowadays, and this is very random but I had to say you are cute, can you give phonenumber we can go chill some time?”

I got phone numbers. I got dates. Lays. Girls were actually impressed and interested as I was a guy who separated off others who only used Tinder. It instantly boost acttractiveness as displaying a idgf attitude (Check this article: How to learn to not give a Fuck) and balls of not getting afraid going talk to strangers and picking them up.

Also they can instinct that you are experienced with women by going talking them smoothly randomly. Also flakes are less likely happen, when on Tinder the flake ratio can be huge. And one last good thing about daygaming, you’re not catfished and she what’s like irl. If you wanna even go date with her.

It’s Not Over. PUA Daygame can actually be more effective than Tinder on 2020

So daygame is not over. I didn’t realize either it was easier or harder than on pre-tinder time, but got good success anyway. Best is to do all of them same time, Tinder, daygame and nightgame on weekends (or on week days if you have freetime).

Even if you wouldn’t get much success off daygame, it’s not pointless. It’s good drill for killing social anxiety, bettering social skills, small talking etc. After this going on bars/clubs there is no more approach anxiety. Also you going on Tinder dates is a lot of easier, as you get used to talk with strangers and behave smoothly with them.


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