Do Looks matter for Women? How much?

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Do Looks Matter for Women or Not? Let’s go through this controversial topic.


Yes, looks matters. In this post though I wanna go thru how much it matters and why you should improve it.

The Rating System of Looks…

Firstly, lets say a range of looks scale from 1 to 10.

5 is an average male, and most of the males fit in range 4-6: slightly below average, average or slightly above average. This is the area where other aspects than looks matter the most.

Like confidence, personality, idgf-attitude, status etc. (Hint: Badboys get sex with hot women even with looks of 3, read here a real life story of that)

These aspects matter most in this point because if you are a good looking guy (8+), you can get away lot of things and need minimal personality to get girls (I know good looking guys who are awkward/shy and can’t get girls). It’s sad but true, guys with top looks hardly need to put effort to get girls, as long as they aren’t socially awkward. It’s though small minority of guys who fit in this category (<10%), so don’t stress about how they can get girls with much less effort, as most of the guys can’t.

What said above, the scale around average is the thing where looks doesn’t matter as much. It’s because most of the guys are in this category, and to stand out of others you need to display something else besides looks. It can be a low inhibition full of confidence behavior, or it can be a high status of social circle. Online dating is an exception, as there you can hardly indicate anything else than your looks. And girls are very picky on there. But in real world it’s very different game. These aspects will have much more impact than on online dating.

But will women only go after Good Looking guys?

No. I bet every girl you have seen has had sex with average male. So if you are in this category, you should not stress about your looks when you approach her. There is a big chance that she has f@#ed a less good looking guy than you earlier.

I know a lot of guys who are even below average on looks scale and still manage to get hot girls. All of them are “badboys” or whatever you wanna call it, but common thing of these guys is they are very low inhibition, don’t give a f@#k about anything and do whatever they want to do. This kind of behavior is sure a pussy wetter.

Improve looks

You should always focus on improving your looks.

Even if you acquire demeanor said above, improving looks will make it always easier to get girls. Not only getting ‘New hairstyle and going to gym’, but overall taking care of your skin, low bodyfat % (Check guide how to ger Ripped Abs at home here), teeth, beard/ tanning maybe (it’s double edged sword as in short term it makes you better looking but in long term it harms your skin and ages you).

From my experience, I did all these things to improve my looks and surely had better success compared pre-improvement state. But still after that it’s numbers game and how much you are willing to put effort to get girls.

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It’s a Complete Guide to make you Acquire a lot of “Points” in Looks Scale…

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