Does Onion Juice raise Testosterone Levels 300%? Experiment

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As I used to be a big fan of researching ways to maximize testosterone levels naturally (I have this complete testosterone maximizing guide here), I came across this myth about eating raw onion juice boosting testosterone levels 300%. My jaw dropped, 300 fucking percentage? This had to be tried out, so I experimented the myth: Does onion juice raise testosterone levels 300%?

Onion Juice = Secret to skyrocket the Testosterone?

This experiment did not happen lately, though. I did it years ago, and I filmed my action of drinking that raw onion juice. Which tasted really shit…

Off Topic: Creating these videos back then were actually a good hobby for me and helped me a lot with overcoming the breakup with my ex-girlfriend. As I said in my article: “How to recover from breakup” that you should find some activity or a new hobby which distracts your mind off her. For me it was creating funny/crazy video content related to fitness (I had more videos than this one)

Check out the video below, but I warn you: If you have speakers with max volume, please reduce the volume. I was not good at editing videos back then, and the sound of blender is horrible…

If you didn’t watch the video, here is TLDW:

  1. Two Big Onions straight to the blender
  2. Noise of blender (skip it)
  3. I drink the juice in the hope of testosterone boost
  4. Two days later, I report the results.

Results from the Experiment: does onion juice raise testosterone levels 300%

And the results of this experiment, does onion juice raise testosterone levels 300%, was:


Hell fucking no.

I remember that I didn’t notice any difference in my performance. Like for example when I eat Mucuna Pruriens, I immediately see that it’s legit and boosts testosterone.

Usually, these effects are:

-Harder lifts at the gym and much more energy to work out
-Higher libido. Goodbye NoFap streak if I am in that mode.
-Better concentration and productivity
-Overall more energy and better mood

These are the effects that testosterone boosts should feels like.

Instead, I got the following effects from the onion juice:

-Not even placebo effect of possibly raised testosterone levels
-Onion breathe for 3 days. I couldn’t socialize at all at that time.

Conclusion about drinking onion juice for boosting testosterone levels:

Don’t waste your time on this myth. Onions are healthy indeed, but the bad onion breath for three days is not worth it. Not to mention the stomach pain that the juice caused…

Alternative ways to boost Testosterone levels?

Onion Juice raise Testosterone Levels 300%? If not, this is an alternative
This program will dramatically boost your natural testosterone levels?

If you are interested in boosting testosterone naturally, I recommend to either checkout my guide which I linked in the top of this post, or checking out “The Discipline of the Warrior” Program. This program not only grant you the Iron Will of the Soldier, but also boosts greatly your testosterone levels naturally as the program is full of routines that do it. Read more about this program here.

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