Does Size Matter for Women?

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Many men are insecure about their cock size and worry if it’s enough for the women. In this post, I will speak about this controversial topic: Does Size Matter for Women or Not?

So, where should I start…

Firstly, women say they love big sizes like up to 8 inches/ 20 cm. 

The truth is, many of them haven’t even seen that size in real life. They overestimate the length and believe whatever guys tell them.

There are out there men who say they have an 8-inch cock, have sex with a woman they pick-up, and the chick believes it. But in reality, the guy had 5’9 inches / 15 cm dick.

I have heard this story many times, and I have even experienced this by myself.

If Size Does Matter For Women, Acquire the Size…

The Player System reveals this: Does Size Matter for Women?
The Player System contains a chapter about becoming the Sex God and routine to gain naturally bigger Penis…

As I told in the Player System how I gained 2 inches / 5cm more length on my penis by doing the routine, I share in it:

I went from 5.11 inch / 13 cm to 7 inch / 18cm with that routine in a gap of 1-2 years. (I can post before/after pics if this gets 1000 likes on FaceBook 😛 I don’t want this to be shown as an adult porn site )

Anyway, by that time, I was already living the Player Lifestyle and f#@king new women on a weekly basis.

I remember them telling me I had a “Big” when I was on about that 5’9 inch / 15 cm range 😀

I even trolled once my size when one girl asked the length, and I told her it was 8 inches / 20 cm. And she replied like “woow, nice!”

Anyway, for the motivation, if you are insecure about your size, I had a lay count of 60 different women by the time still had “small” (There is really no small; it’s just what media and community have brainwashed us to think)

I am not saying that size won’t matter to women, because it does. But there are so many other factors that make a sex good and her coming over you.

As I told in this post: How to retain her attraction after you have f#cked her first time, I mentioned multiple ways to make her orgasm and crave you more and more…

F#ck the Insecurity, just Go Hard…

So back to the point, if you f#@k her hard and good, you don’t need a monster cock to satisfy her…

Also, remember that everyone on the Internet has 9 inches dick, and less is not enough for the women. There are lots of trolls out there…

Another thing is that men who reveal their legit size might have measured the length so many different ways. Some start measuring from the balls, some from the base of the cock. And that kind of measuring can variate almost 3,9 inches / 10 cm.

Then let’s go to the another point, about having that bigger cock….

How much Does Bigger Size have an Impact on Women?

Yes, after I gained the bigger cock naturally with the routine ( I didn’t use those penis pumps you see on the Pornsite ads or scam pills), my sex life became better.

Bigger size will definitely give you a huge confidence boost when it comes to getting women.

About the sex with women, some women love bigger and others not so much. Even I didn’t reach a monster cock area; there were women who I had troubles in sex as they said it’s too big.

So remember that there are always two sides on the same coin. Not only cock size is the only thing that physically affects penetration, but vagina sizes variates as well. And I can confidently say this after living legit Player Lifestyle…

The important point of having a bigger size what I didn’t mention is for YOUR enjoyment. 

After I gained the size, sex became more comfortable for me physically as the pussy feels tighter. But yeah, I am not going to talk more about the details about that…

Conclusion about Does Size Matter for Women

Yes, size does matter for women. BUT more importantly, it matters to you more. If you can be confident and proud of your size and f#ck her hard, the size has little to no affect when it comes to your mind. The only thing is that bigger size can make you feel physically better, as said above.

If you are insecure about your cock size, I bet you have not enough experience with women. So to get over this insecurity, start getting better with women and experimenting with how much it variates from woman to woman. Here’s a good article to Start with:

-Complete Guide to Get Good at Getting Women

If you are still insecure,

then I recommend to check out the Player System with more advanced techniques to pickup, attract, f#ck her and became the Sex God in the bedroom…

Also, one more thing: Remember, she has most likely f#cked a guy smaller penis than you before…

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