Drinking Raw Eggs to Boost Testosterone Levels?

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Raw Eggs = Higher Testosterone Levels?

Are you interested in to boost natural testosterone levels? Are Raw Eggs the answer?

Many of you must have seen Rocky Balboa movies (If not, go watch them immediately to get a motivation boost for training). Besides being a really motivational movie series to train like a beast, they introduced me to this exciting (and cheap) drink: Raw Eggs.

When I first saw the scene where Rocky takes eggs straight from the pack and break them in the glass. Then drink them all at once, made me shocked and having the thought that I won’t never do that.

Well, I was young, in my teens at the time.

Later I wanted to try out this drink, though.

I started with two eggs, broke them in the glass, and mixed up (Mistake!), then tried to drink it without puking.

It tasted like shit. And the reason is that I mixed the egg in the glass.

When I later used this method to get the protein/calories/nutrients, I just straightly drank it without mixing up (like in the video above).

I used to do this multiple times a week (2-4) and always having from 4 to 6 eggs in the glass.

Negative Side Effects?

By drinking raw eggs up to 3, I realized this adverse side effect:

Your farts will smell horrible for the next day you drank it.

So if you have a date on the next day or are going to f@#k a woman, I have warned you…

Other negative side effects?

I used to eat/drink around 6-12 eggs a day, almost every day, for two years.

You must have read the news about eggs raising cholesterol levels. Also, you must have heard that cholesterol is bad for you, but it plays a significant role in testosterone production.

Well, my experience:

I went to lab tests to test multiple things, including Testosterone Levels and Cholesterol.

Test results: Mine levels were in the normal range after this egg consumes binge.

This lab test made me realize that I had increased Testosterone Levels since the last time I did, before the time of the egg binge. (I also used to do this Testosterone Boost Method)

Remember that I am not a Doctor or a nutritionist, and this is only pseudo-science.

But I am 100% sure that having that much eggs in my diet had a huge role in raised testosterone levels. I also used this routine at the time to boost my testosterone levels.

Boiled Eggs vs Raw Eggs and Testosterone?

So why not just boil them up and eat?

Of course, boiling is probably the best way to consume eggs (don’t fry, it destroys the good ingredients), but there is a difference in eating and drinking them as raw.

By drinking them as a raw, the protein absorb is lower. But I remember that I had read a study (can’t find it now), about raw eggs leading to better absorb in cholesterol, leading to higher testosterone levels.

Also, boiling or cooking eggs will break some of the ingredients (Frying is the worst).

In the long-term, though, they can cause biotin deficiency. So don’t take this as a daily habit.

Conclusion about does Drinking Raw Eggs to Boost Testosterone Levels?

As I told about my lab tests and increased testosterone levels, I can say that a high egg consumption played a big role in it.

But as I also ate boiled eggs daily, I can’t tell the truth. I should make a new lab test by only drinking the raw eggs.

Anyway, the conclusion is:

Eat or drink a lot of eggs. They are healthy and good for your testosterone production, and will raise your test levels.

Raw eggs are fast to ingest (takes 1 minute), so if you are in a hurry and don’t have time to cook them, drinking raw eggs is the way to go. It’s also a good hangover cure, as I have told in my hangover cure guide.

Eggs are good for Testosterone. But don’t eat as much Eggs as I did in this Challenge…

See you next time,


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