Women wants random sex too

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Women don’t want sex.

They want:

  • Dates
  • Flowers
  • and chocolate

That’s how the mainstream media lies you how the “Dating Game” works…

I had this mindset also when I was inexperienced. Needles to say that I ended on friendzone. After realizing that girls also want random sex, no dating, no other extra bullshit. Just sex. I started to get a mindset that is required for having a success on dating.

Reasons why having a mindset that girls don’t want random sex is bad for success because:

  • You will became paranoid about escalating and being aware that if you say something naughty too soon she will lose attraction
  • You’ll get ‘niceguy’ syndrome, which will lead to friendzone
  • You may waste lot of time as you want to date first before sex, and  it could still go nowhere.
  • No one-night stands. This is why I wasn’t getting nowhere, all I got was phonenumbers after a good night with girl because I was too afraid to ask her to come on my place.

I used to be afraid to ask girl I’ve met at bar and had good time for sex, as I thought they would reject me as a too aggressive guy. So I played it safe, and asked for phonenumber so we could go date later. Those usually didn’t lead anywhere.

After getting experience and becoming good at this I realized that I was afraid for nothing. Example one night at bar I remember: I was flirting with this chick (lets say girl#1), having a good time with her. She was with one of her friend(girl#2). Girl#2 also got some guy trying to pickup her. I was more playful and ballsy, made out with this girl#1 and some grinding towards wall. Girl#2 and the guy was having just conversation near us. As the bar was about to close, the guy asked her phonenumber and wanted to take her for date. Girl#2 gave it. I myself asked for after party. Girl#1 I was flirting accepted to go her place, also her friend girl#2 came there. The guy disappeared. Long story short, we ended up having threesome. A great experience. If I would’nt have balls to ask for her straight for after party, and only getting phonenumber, I would’ve been at home jerking off. And probably she would have found someone else to f@#k her. Never knew if the guy actually got date with this girl afterwards. Probably not.

Even thought it was first brutal for me to accept that not everything is ethic, as I was always been very naive and nice guy that believed the hollywood love stories about roses and chocolates. It was necessary step to realize that girls also want random sex, a step getting out of the nice guy syndrome. I regret the many times I would’ve guaranteed lays, instead I asked for phonenumbers. The point was, there is no need to go multiple dates before she will let you f@#k her. It can happen much earlier.

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