How to build courage to approach women with zero fear and not caring about rejections – Complete Guide

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So here’s is the guide how you can build a hard core of inner confidence of not giving a f@#k about rejections and how to approach women confidently with no fear.

As you now know my background, I started this journey by going alone to bars. That put me really uncomfortable situations and wasn’t probably best way to start this. But the real improvement when I got completely rid of my approach anxiety happened after I started applying these drills in this method on daytime.

They did put me even more far of my comfort zone than going to bars, as daytime approaching isn’t as socially acceptable as on nighttime. When I did these on daytime, I really wasn’t anymore afraid to go on night time alone, actually very confident. The routine of my life was at that time: weekdays doing daytime approaches/dates and on the weekend bars.

I have done every of these drills myself. I was really nervous first to approach people sober on daytime, so I little by little started it by asking directions and took things further like you will see in the method.

This program is designed to get rid of your approach anxiety, making you more confident on social situations and being comfortable around girls. It starts from very baby steps, and I recommend to follow each day. The order of drills are meant to be cumulative so they become harder little by little, and you expand your comfort zone slowly. You basically break your limits on every drill and become more confident every day.

The drills will put you in awkward situations, but don’t worry, when you put yourself enough of these kind of situations, you develop a habit of not caring what other people think. Even if the drills sounds stupid and ridiculous to do, trust me, they work. In time you see a not big deal to approach hot girl and flirt with her.

In this program there are 15 days of different drills, but you don’t have to do them all a row. You may acquire phone numbers during these drills, so it’s better to turn them instantly to dates and follow the program when you have time again. Don’t keep though too long break between the drills.

If the drills become too hard and you think you can’t do it, repeat the earlier drills until you become enough confident to start the next drill. Every time it feels bad to go for it, but the prize of this is huge. You need to remember it. For me this was firstly a very uncomfortable, but I kept going and finally reached the point when I enjoyed doing this.

Try to apply the behavior mentioned in the book, in the Chapter 2, like relaxed body language and charismatic behavior in these drills, so they will become natural behavior of yours in time.

It’s awesome feeling when you finally get rid of the approach anxiety and won’t think a second to approach girl you are attracted to. You will get there if you do these enough, I promise.

Good luck!

UPDATE: The Program can be get from “The Player System”

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