How to Build Street Reputation or Street Smarts?

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If you have ever wondered about how to build Street Reputation or Street Smarts, I will reveal you in this article the path for that. By telling my story…

Back to Origin: Quiet kid who is easy target for Bully.

I used to be a shy and quiet kid who was an easy target for bullies….

Until I managed to build some Street Reputation on my early teens…

Let’s go back in time almost 15 years when I build a decent Street Reputation from scratch as a Lone Wolf. (I am not a fan of violence and fighting is one of the stupidest thing man can do, but sometimes life is unpredictable)

Advantages of having Street Reputation

Even this Street Reputation didn’t help me out to overcome my shyness, it had some other good benefits:

  • The validation among other men improved my bad self-esteem a big time and gave me a lot of confidence
  • The feeling of “Power Trip”, I got dopamine rushes by getting validation from other guys (and this validation was more potent than validation from women, but as I was a virgin, I didn’t know that back then)
  • Making new male friends became a way, way easier as all the guys wanted to be friends with a guy can protect them (This neither helped me with girls as I still didn’t get into social circle full of girls)
  • Learning Street Smarts. This doesn’t mean criminal stuff like gangbanging, drugs, or violence. I explain later in this post why Street Smarts is a beneficial ability in your everyday life.
  • Easier to learn how to become a Badboy (Lots of sex from women if you manage to learn this)

Storytime. Unknown teen with zero Reputation Raises.

Fifteen years ago, barely anybody knew me, and I had zero reputation.

Only the few friends I told in the story in this post, where I showed my fighting skills.

That moment alone granted me some amount of reputation, and it was a snowball effect when the word started to spread.

Quality over Quantity

Importance of Quality when you want to build Street Reputation

This is where one of the most critical point comes out:

It doesn’t have a lot of impact on how many people know about your skills if they don’t have a reputation for spreading the word.

Instead, if there is one guy who already has a reputation and he can admire you, your name and fame will spread. And a lot.

This was one of those rare moments in my life when I had luck.

At school, I met this kind of guy who had the reputation and ability to influence people with his charisma.

At the PE Class, he was on boxing bag. I approached him with a humble attitude because this is how I showed him my respect.

I asked if I could also do some training on the bag, and he gave me the punching bag.

This was my moment to shine. This was one of those opportunities in life you need to catch, like I stated in this post.

I demonstrated my boxing/kicking skills as well as I could to earn his respect.

And he was impressed.

This was the “point of change”.

Almost immediately, my name started to been talked about among the people I had never met.

This guy did the work for me and granted me a reputation.

#1 Rule how to build Street Reputation and Street Smarts: Impress the”Boss”

Instead of showing your skills to many people, find the “Boss” who already has a reputation. This is the guy you want to impress. And if you manage to do this, you will immediately gain respect and admiration among other people, because they would listen to the “Boss”.

Showing the Loyalty: New connections and respect

After I had acquired this little amount of reputation from the “Boss”, I wanted more.

This reputation was the starting point that opened me the doors to meet new people and build more reputation.

I made new friends who were the “Badboys”, the ones who used to declaim weaker ones. These guys, though, didn’t end up in fights, because people didn’t want to mess with them.

Until one day, other people wanted to rule the roost…

These Badboys I knew, had a friend who settled up a gang fight in the middle of nowhere with these new ones.

They invited a lot of their other friends to join this fight to beat the opposite…

This was again a moment to raise the reputation for me.

Only one guy from the group of “Badboys” went there, and the rest of the people were unknown to me. Neither they knew who I was.

So I was basically going as a Lone Wolf to help people who were friends of my friends.

I was nervous and excited…

At the place where the settled fight was supposed to be, both teams appeared.

BUT, they managed to handle things by talking, and there was no big gang fight.

After this councel the opposite team left, and we stayed there.

There is always this leader of the group.

He did handshake everyone who was ready to protect his friend in this fight.

I had never met him, and he approached me and asked who I was….

I said: “I am the friend of friend”

He asked: “Did you came here to fight?”

I replied, “Yes”.

Another big moment to gain respect and reputation.

He did handshake me and thanked me for being loyal to my friends. Also he introduced me to the whole team and said “This guy is good, handshake him”.

I immediately made new connections by doing this.

Later I also almost became friends with this leader as I went to train martial arts with him a few times.

My mistake was that my social skills weren’t good at that time, so I had no clue how to build more depth friendships with complete strangers. That’s why having good social skills is a vital ability to have, and you should focus on developing these skills to make new friends.

#2 Rule how to build Street Reputation and Street Smarts: Show Your Loyalty

Show your loyalty by helping friends or friends of your friends. Loyal people are rare and appreciated. They are the guys people want to become friends with.The more higher rank the person of the “team” is, the more respect you gain when you show your loyalty to him. He will also make your name echo by other guys, and this raises your reputation.

The Unknown Teen makes the “Deputy”.

At this point in the story, I had never ended up in the real street fight, yet I had gained a decent amount of Street Reputation among the people who were living that “Thug life”.

These 2 rules by impressing the “Boss” are keys to build a reputation without ending up in problems, like I told my story in the article “How Your Fighting Skills Helps You To Get Women”, that I didn’t end up in the street fights back then.

BUT, in life, there are moments when you can end up in the problems…

This was the time I ended up in real street fight the first time in my life (The story where bully beat me doesn’t count as a street fight).

Again, I was Lone Wolf in the new social circle.

I ended up that social circle by knowing one guy who was a friend of my friends.

And these people didn’t know about my reputation or fighting skills…

It was a warm summer day. We were at the park drinking beer…

There were also a lot of other people who were drinking alcohol.

And at some point, one guy from the group I was hanging with, ended up having beef with some random guy.

I was investigating from aside how things escalate.

Random guys friend, a Big guy, appeared and my guy started to look afraid.

I decided to go there to solve the problem…

I went there with full confidence to end the beef, and the big guy took me as a target immediately after seeing me more threat than my mate.

Things escalated quickly, and the first time in my life, I was in Real fight where I had to defend myself for real.

To not go for details, I managed to beat this big guy.

It was not over, though. Their friends started to approach our group as they had a way more people than we had.

I had a luck again at this moment, as when I was beating the big guy, one of the guys in our group called backup help. He knew some guys who used to be in street fights, and they immediately started their way to this park.

Before all the people from the rival group attacked on us, the backup came in time.

And they learned that I had protected their friend and beaten up the big guy.

Long story short, we still had to flee because of less manpower.

BUT the critical point was:

I was seen as a protective guy who helped friends in trouble, yet I proved that I could fight to other tough guys.

This was the point when my reputation really started to grow among the social circles of “Tough guys”.

Because of this experience, I was introduced to “Boss” of tough guys who I became good friends with later.

The bullies who years ago would tease me, were now afraid of me and respected me. They knew that I could fight and beat bigger guys than me, yet they also knew that I had connections and friends in the circle of “Tough Guys”.

This feeling of Power and Validation was one of the best feelings I had experienced. A true Ego boost trip with constant dopamine rush…

And I did this with Lone Wolf Mentality, meaning I had zero reputation in the beginning with but I managed to build this reputation alone and not end up in the gang fights with other badboys…

#3 Rule how to build Street Reputation and Street Smarts: Prove Your Toughness

Prove your toughness to Boss and other Tough guys. This is the vital step to get to known new people, raise street reputation and getting protection from other tough guys if you end up in trouble.

I could continue this story forever, as this was only the beginning of my raise in ranks among tough guys.

But I will maybe tell these stories later…

Importance of having Street Smarts

Now I tell you why learning Street Smarts helps you in every aspect of your life:

  • You learn to read people and get to known who is the “Boss” you should focus on impressing. This Boss doesn’t mean the leader of the gang of tough guys, but in every social circle, there is the Boss: in nerds, in athletes…
  • Your Self-Preservation improves a Lot. You learn to read situations and people where it is high risk to get hurt. You learn to read different kinds of people who are looking for beef and avoid them. There are those sad stories where normal guys who have never been in a fight and have an ego they will beat anyone, ending up having a beef with a potentially dangerous criminal who stabs him. With street smarts, you learn to handle and ease up these potentially dangerous situations. You learn who to mess with and who to not mess with.
  • With high street reputation, you learn to become humble. You don’t need to prove anything as you know your value. Instead, you learn how to respect the right people and move up.
  • You acquire decent environmental and situational understanding, which “Book smarts” are lacking, meaning you have an instinct to read what is happening around you and use it as your advantage.

Conclusion about “How to build Street Reputation and Street Smarts?”

Don’t follow my past and end up in street fights. Fighting and violence is the game of only losing. Either you get your ass beaten, or you get a penalty and possibly charges of assaulting another person.

The #1 option when its dangerous situation, is to flee. Only if escaping is not possible, then self-defense is the last option.

So my point is, if you want to build a street reputation, do it with the rules of #1 and #2, where you build your reputation by impressing boss and showing your loyalty. No fighting and violence is required in these options, and the word of Boss is powerful. More powerful than you might imagine…

Also, if you are interested in raising your rank and get power, I recommend to take a read on “48 Laws of Power”. It’s a new book for me too, but really interesting and makes sense a lot of things why I gained the reputation back then. If I would have readen that book 15 years ago, who knows how much I would have achieved. I might have become the “Boss” by myself and therefore gaining a lot of experience with women, meaning I wouldn’t have made the journey to beat the shyness I did. That kind of status of being the boss would definitely got me laid back then… (Check the post about importance of Status)

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