How to Cure Hangover?

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You know those Bullshit “How to Cure Hangover” Guide’s where they say something like: “Drink coffee, eat Pizza and take a walk”. That’s Fucking Bullshit guide and the one who wrote it, haven’t apparently had a Real Hangover…

Non-Bullshit “How Hangover cure guide” ahead, not like “Eat Pizza and take a light workout”…

This Article is especially important information for those who are doing a Nightgame and binge drink. I personally can’t endure the hangovers, so I don’t get wasted anymore if I go clubbing…

Like I did on the past, at one time I used to drink more often (now I have reduced a lot. And highly prefer that, you can pickup women Sober Too!).

Real F#cking Hangovers Sucks Bad….

I’ve always suffered a horrible hangovers. Not like most of people I’ve talked have said: little tired, desiring junk food and minor headache.

These people don’t no what hangover really is. For me it includes:

  • Extreme exhaustion, even raising my finger is a huge task.
  • Vomiting all day, eating is the last thing on my mind. Even glass of water get right back out of my system. Can eat (maybe) on evening at the earliest.
  • Huge anxiety. Panic attacks. Almost crying on my bed and hoping every second that this suffer will end.
  • Soul crushing depression that last days and will get better after around a week.
  • Heart rate skyrockets. Sometimes feeling like it will come through my chest.
  • Scared of dying because of this.
  • Insomnia. Can’t sleep thru all this and wake up released.

That’s my hangover after one night of huge binge drinking. And it’s reason why I drink nowadays so rarely. Even if I drink less, it’s not that intense but worse than above told ‘normal hangover’. And the depression last almost a week even not binge drinking.

That’s also reason why I’ve had to develop methods to minimize hangovers and got expert on it. It’s almost like ritual I need to do when drinking.

Anyway, here is tips to reduce and prevent a bad hangovers. The preventing part is important.

If you woke up feeling like those symptoms I named, it’s hard to do supplements and eating as everything you put on your mouth will come out soon. So tips like “go eat pizza and coca cola and you feel better” can f@!k off. Junk food is a last thing on mind when experiencing a real hangover.

How to Cure Hangover if you ALREADY have a Hangover?

A bad tip I’ve heard is : Drink coffee. Do not drink coffee on bad hangover unless you want your heart to feel like exploding and get even worse symptoms like sweating. Coffee is a stimulant and will speed up your body activity. And your body already needs a rest, not uppers. If you get rid of headache and improved mood after drinking a coffee on hangover, it’s most likely the caffeine withdrawals you are hiding. Not the hangover. Yea, caffeine withdrawals combined with hangover sucks a bad, the depression is devastating. But coffee worsens the anxiety and heart rate. Also it dehydrates a body, so already dehydrated body due to alcohol will get more dehydrated. Dehydration cause symptoms like fatigue and headache. Remember to drink a lot of water if you can.

How to Cure the Hangover induced Nausea?

This is a hell of symptom. Stomach pain, can’t eat, can’t drink. If it’s too bad, it’s just need to be suffered.

Chamomile tea will help a bit to cure the hangover, as it has anti-anxiety effects and is natural medicine for stomach issues. If you can drink it without vomiting, it will revive a nausea and stomach issues.

Nausea suffered on hangover is a combination of huge anxiety and alcohol negative effects on intestinal. Probably more related on anxiety, as anti-anxiety treatment methods will decrease the nausea.

Chamomile tea do both, it decreases a anxiety and helps with stomach pain and nausea. It also helps to fall sleep easily due the relaxing effects.

There are differences on the brand though. The better Brands are much better for relaxation and helps with stomach and anxiety.

You can get a High Quality Chamomile Tea From Amazon here.

First time I freaked out when I vomited all the time and couldn’t keep anything inside me. I though I had burn something permanently on my instestinal due to too much off raw booze. This lasted a days. So if you haven’t yet experienced this or are experiencing this right now (I doubt anyone is reading this on that bad hangover), don’t freak out if it last hours.

Drink more alcohol?

Having a drink or two will release the hangover. I know, taste of beer coming on mind will almost get me puking, but if you fight and can have it inside, it will reduce the effects.

This will prolong a little bit of hangover, but the symptoms won’t be as bad. Just remember to stick with one or two drink, and not get wasted again.

Tip: A shots are quicker and easier way to ingest than mild drinks.

Dealing with insomnia

This is a symptom I hate probably most.

Other people I know, can sleep thru evening and cure the hangover by not even suffering it by sleeping…

I can’t. The moment I wake up on morning, is the moment this journey starts and I can sleep next time on night. I can’t cheat the hangover and sleep thru it, I need to suffer it.

As above said, chamomile tea helps with anxiety and relax body, so it can help a bit, but too bad hangover and supplements and herbs won’t help. So if you find ways to reduce anxiety and relax body, you can treat hangover induced insomnia.

I’ve never tried a sleep medications on hangover, and won’t comment on that. But don’t do it. Many medicines have a bad impact on liver after drinking. Paracetamol is worst poison on hangover, which people take for headache. Even there is said that ibuprofen would be safe alternative on hangover as it won’t affect on liver, it will cause damage to intestial combined with alcohol.

Prevention Guide. How to Cure Hangover before you even get Wasted?

On above were tips when you already have a hangover and there is no way back to prevent. Anti-anxiety supplements like chamomile for reducing nausea and anxiety to get appetite back and hopefully help with insomnia, and avoiding anxiety boosters like caffeine. After getting an appetite back and get thru the stage of vomiting, it get’s easier as you can start recovering body with nutrition rich foods your body is missing due to binge drinking. The beginning is worst.

Here is the more important part how you can prevent above listed symptoms.


This is a wonderful supplement that detox your liver off garbage and helps liver to function. AND help a ton on hangover.

IMPORTANT! Even NAC is cleaning a liver which alcohol is ruining, do NOT take this supplement while you are on hangover. Taking this supplement while hangover is counterproductive, as it can cause liver damage taken when taken on hangover (or when you have a alcohol on your system).It should be taken a few hours before drinking.

Storytime. Not Hangover after 5 Days of Binge Drinking.

I did binge-drank a 5 days a row on vacation (my personal record) and didn’t feel as bad hangovers as I usually.

Even I did drank more than I’ve ever had drank on those 5 days.

I was supplying NAC everyday, a few hours before I started again.

Even I said on top to not take it while on hangover, I somewhat did.

I didn’t took it though right after waking up, but on the later afternoon few hours before starting to binge again. I was amazed that I could drank so much without feeling like dead. NAC surely had a huge impact on it.

Besides Hangover Preventing Effects, NAC has Many other good Benefits:

  • Improves Mood and Fights Against Depression
  • Decreases Anxiety
  • Boost Energy. Higher Energy Levels.

You can get a High Quality and my Favorite Brand NAC from Amazon here.


Alcohol drains out your body vitamins, so you need to fill them. Take a multivitamin before you go sleep. Vitamin C especially decreases a good amount of hangover symptoms. So if your multivitamin doesn’t contain lot of C (there are some brands that contains around 80mg), take either an extra pill of vitamin C or get multivitamin rich of C. 500-1000mg is a good amount. Also fish oil is good to take with it.

Eat before sleep

Very important. If you go to sleep with empty stomach, the next day is guaranteed to be horrible day. Especially if you are experiencing nausea on hangover, you can eat next time on next evening.

Doesn’t matter if it’s cleanfood or junkfood, either will help with upcoming hangover.

Sometimes though you can be so wasted that you are already vomiting, then it’s hard. Just force yourself to eat something before going sleep and keep it inside you, it’s easier now than on the morning.


Eggs are wonderful hangover food. They contains all the nutrition a body requires: lot of protein, good fats, important vitamin. Eggs surely help with hangover.

It’s though usually too much work to start prepare them on night after coming home, so I eat them on next day after passing the nausea state.

Sometimes I eat them raw before I go sleep though.

Whey Protein

I can’t understand how most of the “How to Cure Hangover” Guide’s don’t mention this important one…

Protein overall is a good hangover inhibitor. But eating protein rich food like eggs can take too much work to prepare for.

It would be just easy to drink quickly your protein intake. Whey protein is a gift at this point. It’s also easy to ingest while on hangover. Drink before or after sleep, or both.

Lot of water on the night of drinking

Good rule is to drink one glass of water after every drink.

I usually order on bar a beer and water with it. If I forget to do that, well, I hope on next day I would had.

Not drinking water potentiates a hangover a lot, so remember to drink it!

Avoid smoking

Cigarettes increases the hangover factor a multiple times. It’s though impossible to not smoke on drank if you are regular smoker, but if you only smoke while drinking, try to stop that bad habit even it’s great. You will be more healthy and hangovers are less intense.

I smoked at one point everytime I went out, but quit it after I realized that it wasn’t worth it.

And hangovers weren’t nearly as bad as when I used to smoke!

Rhodiola rosea?

This herb is a mood lifter and stress reliever, and I’ve made a more accurate post of it earlier.

Anyway, at some point I used to take it on hangover days in purpose to cure the hangover.

Result: the alcohol induced depression reduced a lot.

It’s good antidepressant, but I can’t remember how much it helped on hungover as it’s long time since I did it. Mood lift was at least an effect I remember having.

Read more about Rhodiola here.

L-Theanine? Not with alcohol

This is a good supplement also, but not combined with alcohol. I’ve never tried it on hangover though, maybe it could help as it has anti-anxiety effects.

But same time with alcohol, shortly: less alcohol will kick more quickly and intense than normally and duration of buzz is shorter.

I took once 300mg of l-theanine, went drinking a 4 beers, and felt like I had drank 10 beers in 20 minutes. Then it the buzz quickly faded. Not a good combination.

Conclusion and Summary about How To Cure Hangover

Hangovers sucks a bad if you are the type who get insane of them.

To prevent hangover:

-Drink a lot of water during night
-Eat before sleep! More protein, the better.
-Avoid cigarettes
-Multivitamin (Vitamin C! and fish oil)
-NAC few hours before drinking to prevent hangover

On hangover:

-Easy foods to ingest: yogurt, pud, bananas, whey protein. Eggs are good if you can eat them!
-Avoid caffeine products
-Chamomile tea for nausea and anxiety. Helps with sleep also.
-Take a drink or two if you are feeling it.
-Rhodiola rosea for antidepressive?

I’m not sure if this list had all the things I had on my mind, but I will update it later if I remember something.

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