How to Get a Girlfriend?

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Do you want to learn how to get a Girlfriend?

And Good one. Before reading, check this article so you know how to avoid getting burned:

So let’s go to the guide “How to get a Girlfriend?”.

As you know my story how I used to be shy and kissless virgin in my late teens, finding a girlfriend was my biggest dream at High School.

And unfortunately it didn’t happen there, only just very long time after that.

I remember reading back then Mainstream Dating advice (Which sucks bad, here’s why), it told the same old story:

If you wait a long enough, a  one day you’ll find the girl of your dreams.

On it’s own way, it’s right.

It’s just missing a one important point:

If you wait long enough and put lot of effort, a one day you’ll find a girl of your dreams.

I was hoping that some girl would come talk to me, ask me for date and continue from there to relationship.

You might have read a lot of stories how couples have found each other. Usually it’s from hobbies, work, school or social circle.

I haven’t personally found any of my girlfriends via those (2 ltr and some shorterm relationships).

And it’s really relieving feeling. Not being dependent about factors that you can’t have power on.

Feeling of finding a love wherever you are.

So this article is about how to make woman you have met a girlfriend and avoid losing attraction.

It isn’t the classic formula you may seen on movies and drama series, where a guy and girl meets on some random situation, start dating, go movies, go dinners. Then have a sex after many dates. And after a while they are on relationship.

I’ve missed many opportunities because of having this attitude earlier, as I thought that if you are going for sex too quick, girl will lose her attraction towards you and stop taking contact. After I started to get in game and started to get phone numbers that I could turn to dates, I was too careful to not be too aggressive about this. Example I dated a girl for a month without having sex, and then she friendzoned me.

Getting a girlfriend and getting a one-night stands are very different types of gaming. One connective thing is on both, having a sex as soon as possible. One-night stands can be turned to girlfriends, but it’s usually a redflag for relationship and girlfriend material. The sex don’t have to be happen on first time you meet, but it’s should be happen soon after that, maybe on second or third date. After you’ve have had sex first time, that’s when the game begins. Here is a guide how to meet a girls and go from dates to sex.

So you have had sex first time, and you would be maybe interested to date this girl more and furthernmore have she as a girlfriend. This is the most critical part. DO NOT BE TOO DESPERATE. I lost first few girls I would like to have had relationships even we had sex, because I went too desperate. Firstly you should wait if she will text first after the day you had sex first time, and then you know you have the power. Dont lose it now.

If she don’t text you after few days of first time sex, game is not lost yet. Just text her if she would like to meet again. No movie dates, no dinners. Date at your place and having a sex again. You should have a sex everytime you meet after this until you are going to have a deeper connection. Don’t ask if she would be interested on relationship. This may cause her becoming anxious as she may think she needs to engage something. Just focus on having fun with her, like she’s a friend who you are just having sex. Nothing pressures about relationships, unless she asks it. Also having a mindset that this wont become anything serious has helped me having both LTR:s I had, ironically. Maybe it just makes my demeanor being non-desperate which is attractive.

Anyway, continuing having fun with her and sex you start to create slowly a feelings towards each other. After a few months of doing this is good time to talk about possible serious relationship. You know each other now much better, you are sexually compatible. If she want’s it, congratulation, you have a girlfriend now! If she says she is not ready yet, you should become more distant and start maybe date other girls, as if she’ve been with you pretty long time and don’t want relationship yet, so she may be just wasting your time.

CONCLUSION about How to get a Girlfriend

Try to have sex with her as soon as possible. It’s uphill battle until that. After that DONT’t be too desperate. By being the less caring partner you’ll have the power. Have sex every time you meet after the first time of having a sex. Don’t be too desperate to get her as a girlfriend, focus just having to have a good time with her, and sooner or later you’ll be on relationship. It happens if it happens. Don’t stress about it. That’s the mentality how I found gf:s, having fun with them first without stressing about either this will go somewhere or no. And soon I realized I was on relationship.

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