How to Keep Conversation Flowing Forever? Simple Tricks You can Apply to Boost Your Social Skills

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Are You Struggling with Small Talk and there are a lot of awkward silences? Below is one simple yet effective trick about how to keep conversation flowing forever and never have again awkward silence.

Formula to Keep Conversation Flowing on Small Talk

  1. Make sure you are always the one who says the last word. By doing this, the chances of conversation dying drops dramatically.
  2. This last word should never be “ok” or “no”, or anything else one word response. It should be a complete sentence or question.
  3. When you ask question, the conversation keep flowing. BUT if the opponent is not so talkative and respond one word responses, you can reply with sentence as a statement.
  4. When you say statement, lets say you are outside and conversation is going to die, you see restaurant and make statement: “That restaurant is good, I was once there with my friend and we watched football and drank few beers”.
  5. You have now a lot of options to change your topic if the earlier was dying. You can example continue with your statement like this:
  • “Btw, do you like to drink beer? What’s your favorite brand?”
  • “Do you watch football? What’s your favorite team? What sports you follow?”
  • “Do you go eat out often in restaurants? What’s your favorite food?”

As you see, you now unlocked 3 new topics to talk about. Even if they are not interesting, you can try to look for interesting topics this way and keep the conversation flowing.

6. Repeat if needed.

That’s simple and very useful trick to improve your social skills, especially if you apply this daily, your small talk and social skills will dramatically improve.

Notes about “How to keep conversation flowing?”

This tricks helps you to not go out of words. Just remember:

  1. If you are going to out of words, take a look around you and start talking about it. It doesn’t matter if its stupid topic, because rolling the topics you will end up in interesting ones and have funny conversations. If there is nothing on your sight, try to remember something you did yesterday and start talking about that.
  2. When the person you are talking with asks you something, never reply with one word. Only statement or question after question.

Also remember that conversation is communication between 2 people, so if the other person only answers “yes” or “no”, it’s not your fault and reason of your social skills. The other person should also be active in conversation.

Also ability to “Live in this moment” helps you dramatically on social situations. Check this post to learn to live in this moment.

8 Effective Tricks to Improve Social Skills

Then: List of 8 easy ways to improve Social Skills:

  1. Have an eye contact
  2. Relaxed, open and warm Body Language
  3. Acquire Sense of Humor
  4. Ability to Laugh at Yourself
  5. Never Argue
  6. Be open to everyone and don’t judge people
  7. Habit of Smiling (in moderation)
  8. Importance of being good Listener

By applying the list above on your daily life will make huge change on your interactions and helps a lot to boost your social skills.

To learn more about tips to boost Social Skills, Check this post: How to Improve Social Skills? 13 Effective Routines to boost Social Skills


If you are struggling with Shyness or Social Anxiety, I highly recommend to take a look at this article.

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