How to meet Women if you cant Drink Alcohol and Go to Bars or don’t want to use Tinder?

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The Alcohol is root of all evil. Below is guide how you can meet women if you cant drink alcohol.

Are you tired of having your Dating Life dependent on Poison?

Are you tired of Tinder and other dating apps/sites?

Hopefully this article helps you to find another approach to meet women without drinking alcohol and suffering from hangovers

If you are like me, whose body can’t stand alcohol, the effort of going bars can be too big. However I used to go lot of bars by being sober, I still managed to find a ways to get girls besides bar scene or Tinder. I’m going through in this post ways you can meet girls if you cant drink alcohol.

Where to meet women if it’s not Bars or Nightclubs?

Women are everywhere:

On the  streets, on shopping malls, libraries, coffee shops.

You don’t have to go to Bar to meet women. Especially if you cant drink alcohol.

It takes a lot of balls though to approach in these ways and it can be awkward. But don’t worry, the key to meet women if you cant drink alcohol is below…

So the options are:

  1.  Go sober to Bar and learn to get that vibe without alcohol
  2.  Approach women at Daytime anywhere. (This article. More detailed guide Here.)

Both takes balls. But no worry, let’s go through ways to make it like your second nature and create a strategy to get laid no matter where you are and skipping the need of alcohol.

The Best and Worst places to Approach on Daytime:

If you choose the Daytime routine, below are worst and best places to approach and meet women if you cant drink alcohol:


• Shopping malls and coffee shops. Women who are not moving but sitting on table. Or women who are example standing against wall with their phones. Easy way to go for approach and keep conversation flowing.


• Public transport. Not worst, but not the best place though. I’ve got some phone numbers leading to dates from bus or train. Example, I once sit down beside girl who was on her phone. I asked ”Is this train going to place [x]?”. She replied something, and I started to keep conversation flowing by saying ”You have nice phone btw. Much better than mine haha”. ”Is your station coming soon, I just though you feel cool and you are cute, maybe we could go coffee or something some day?”.

• Moving women on street. The rejection percentage on this is huge. People can be on hurry and they don’t want to get stopped by random people. However, I’ve still got one of the hottest girl this way:

Story Time ~ Instant Date from Daytime Approaching

Approached her with direct way: ”Hello, sorry to bother but you are pretty cute”. Then I saw ring on her finger, and immediately replied: ”Oh sorry, you are taken, didn’t see the ring. Not surprised though, so beautiful woman”.

She smiled and said: ”No, I’m single. Haven’t though what finger I put it”.

We talked a little bit. Then she was the one who suggested going to coffee. We went. Both were flirting all the time.

Our topics went some sexual randomly, and it escalated there. The girl started give hints she was horny, I could read it.

I asked if we could go to chill on her place and she agreed. Not long I saw her hot naked body with huge tits. Horny and wild sex.

Was one of the best days when approaching women. My first attempt was just going to shop some new clothes, but I ended up f#cking legit 9/10 chick.

This motivated me a lot. I had now acquired a power of getting girls wherever I would go. I can say it’s really, really good feeling. You will acquire it too if you just want it.

Anyway, not going of the topic, I still got shit loads of rejections of approaching girls who are walking on street, so I prefer the above methods. The story just proves that everything is possible. I’m not male model, I have no status whatever, just average guy who decided to take an action and get great experience.

Women like to be approached at Daytime?

I’m probably making this post different of my usual posts and give examples of how I have approached girls on daytime, so you can get motivated and can get out of your head the though of ”girls can only be found on bars or Tinder”. The above story put me now on the mode of remembering good old times and giving out stories I haven’t shared a lot.

I asked a girl I used to date in past: ”What would you think of guy who would approach you on the street and ask your phone number?”

She replied: ”If he was gentle I would be taken. I would definitely give him a chance as he wouldn’t be usual guy who approaches on blackout drunk. It shows a lot of balls to even approach on day time”.

Afterwards when we weren’t together anymore, I still remembered her words. That really motivated me to go for it. Actually the story of getting laid on street approach like on the porn movies was after this. The more success and good things you hear about this, the more you are willing to go for it and get great experiences.

Story #3 – Sex from the shopping mall

This time I wasn’t shopping. My point was now to get some ass. By approaching few times first a few groups of girls, I didn’t get nowhere. Rejections. Not big deal.

Then I saw a cute, read head, hippie like girl standing against the wall with her phone. I didn’t think a twice and approached her with attitude of not giving a fucks. The conversation went something like this:

Me: ”Hello, sorry to bother but you are cute”

Her: [smile]. ”Thanks”

Me: ”Haha, sorry this is random. I don’t usually pick up girls on shopping mall, prefer bars and Tinder. But you were too hot I had to give a try.”

Her: ”Haha. That’s cool, I like it.”

Me: ”So you shopping or what?”

Her: ”Yep, at least trying”
Me: ”Me too. Besides picking you up. ”

[2 minutes of random conversation of shopping]

Me: ”Anyway, you are cool and I like your style. We should go out to beer or something?”.

Her: ”That would be great!”

Me: ”Here, put your number and I text you”.

I texted her a hour later, and we ended up going to pub on the same day after she had finished her shopping, ending up having sex after couple of beers. Even this post was about non-alcohol related, I had to put this here, as pubs are good places to build sexual tension.

You don’t need to drink though alcohol even if you go to date on pub.

Story #4

Again phone number gathered on daytime and setting up date. Pub this time. We met, I hugged her and said ”You look great!”. She replied: ”Thanks. You too!”. Going to pub, she ordered a drink. I took coca cola. I just said ”Was on gym today and got good workout, I don’t want to ruin it now”. She was okay with it. I still managed to be playful and flirty on the date. We only took these one drinks and left the pub for her place. Being there, I didn’t had to make even initiate for sex, which is usual. Almost immediately when I got off my shoes she took my pants down and started to suck my dick.

Point of this story was, you don’t need alcohol even for pub date. Just say reason like ’ruining workout’ or something. She don’t care if you are afraid to drink alcohol, if you can still act alpha and be playful.

So if you are worried that coffee dates are boring, go to pub and take soda instead of beer. Let her take alcohol if she wants.

Rejections? F#ck them

When you are old you don’t want to remember things you didn’t do, but you want to remember things you did do.

I have gotten rejected hundreds if not thousands of times. I really don’t care about them. The other option: I could have stayed at home and never took the action to approach girls, resulting having none cool memories to remember for.

Now I have gotten some golden memories with hot girls to remember for lifetime. The price was only to face the and accept to get rejected time in time.

Only this one life. You want to these kind of memories. F#ck the rejections

The Player System contains full guide how you can meet women if you cant drink alcohol

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And lots of other helpful stuff, also routines where you can meet women if you cant drink alcohol.

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