How to Pickup Women on Dance Floor

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Are you lacking the Dancing skills? Or do you want to know how to easily Get Laid by only approaching women on Dance Floor?

Below is Guide how to Pickup Women on Dance Floor without Dancing Skills…

This guide might be common sense for experienced guys, but for me personally it wasn’t back in the days.

That’s why I’m sharing this method and hopefully it helps you if you have no clue how to get laid from Dance Floor.

The Fear of Rejection as Always….

So, Picking up from Dance Floor?

I remember in the past when I was watching from aside as some Players were pre-penetrating Women on Dance Floor, and they didn’t do any cold-approaching or talking.

And they still managed to left Nightclub with them.

I thought myself how the f@#k do they do that?

When I was on dancing, I thought it would felt awkward as fuck just to go for some random woman and start grinding like stripper against her.

I over-analyzed way too much.

I did think every possible outcome what would’ve happened if I would go for that kind of dirty shit.

I didn’t take action.

I did give too many Fucks.

Then things changed, and I learned how to easily go from Dance Floor to your/her place, wherever. Firstly I’ll list things that matter on Dance Floor game:


What Aspects Matters For Women in Dance Floor?

If you have nice, ripped abs, you can get Laid a Lot by only approaching on Dance Floor.

  • Looks. This is mostly everything on there, as you cant have conversation or communicate with her with words. Read Here Guide to become Good Looking
  • Domination. Take things to next step. Don’t be afraid to go for make out and escalate.

Things that don’t matter:

Things that don’t matter:

  • Dancing skills. Girls won’t give a f@#k about your dancing skills if they are looking for a sex. So don’t stress about ho good you are dancing. They care if you are man enough to take things furthermore  and be afraid of going for sex. I remember back then trying to learn some crazy dance moves, and of course I didn’t get anywhere. All you need is basic bouncing. There are lots of videos of that on Youtube.
  • “Funny dancing”. You’ll always see guys who do some idiotic dance moves around girls and see them giggling. Yet if he is not good looking, he isn’t going to score. I’ve seen this so many times. A guy try to impress girls with shit like this, girl may dance with her for a while, but soon she’s making out with some real player who knows what she wants.

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