How to Pickup Women at Bar/NightClubs?

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Are you ready to step on the next level on Night Life? Below is an Ultimate Guide about How to Pickup Women at Bar really effective way.

From the approach to escalating things and going for Sex.

Clubs/bars are my favorite places to pickup women. I’ve had most of my lays via this way, and after hundreds of nights with experience, so I know what to do.

If you are interested about my story how I went from kissless virgin to living full Player Lifestyle and getting laid multiple times a week, read here my story.

And what not to do…

This Guide is a part from The Lonewolf Game, so if you are interested in to get full step by step pattern that is proven method to get you laid by going alone to bar, I recommend to take a look on that.

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How to Pickup Women at Bar

Step By Step Guide about How to Pickup Women at Bar

Reasons why Bars/Clubs are Best Ways to Get Laid

Some reasons why going to bars/clubs is way better than Tinder/Online dating to Get Laid:

  • No catfishes. There may wait a surprise on first date. At club you can straight see how she looks like/ how she behave.
  • You get more confidence and improved Social Skills. By going solo to Bar and by forcing yourself to talk with people, your Social Skills will skyrocket.
  • Same night lays. No need to wait for meeting her or possible having multiple dates before Sex. Club game is about Quick Lays.
  • Funny and exiting experiences. Rarely on online dating you end up having a sex on public places like on toilet.

Some reasons why going to Bars/clubs is better than approaching women on Daytime:

  • Same day lays. Rarely Daytime approaching ends up instant dates and lays.
  • No need for gathering phone numbers, instead you get straight to the point aka having sex.
  • It’s Socially more acceptable. At Bar it’s normal to approach women.

Before Going Out. What you need to know to Maximize Your Success.

The Preparation

How to Pickup Women at Bar Night
Night time, the Best time To Get Laid.

This is really important part of “How to Pickup Women at Bar” Guide.

Grooming, styling, maximizing your potential. You can check here my personal simple style for clubs that grants the best results from my experience.

One important thing what you should not do before going out, is to masturbate. This will instantly kill your motivation and you are more likely making up reasons why not to go out there.

Also, if you are taking an alcohol, you are more likely getting that whiskey dick.

If you are too nervous about going alone, drink example a couple of beers and listen some music that pumps you up for lessening the anxiety.

You don’t need this after you get good at this, but when you are just starting, this can be a good way to relax a little bit.

I was myself so nervous when I went the first night alone, that I had to take some alcohol.

After this I went on sober thought, and that’s when the best development happens.

When you go sober out of your comfort zone, the comfort zone will dramatically expand. Being not sober won’t have that effect and improvement.

When you get used to go out sober, try going on drunk after a while. You feel unstoppable.

At the Field. How to Pickup Women at Bar?

1. Investigate

Enter the club/bar and grab a drink if you feel so. This will relax you a little bit. I take a beer or just water, depending if I’m thirsty for beer at the moment. I don’t take alcohol for lessening the anxiety, as I’ve done this so many times I can do this sober too. You will too if you already don’t, after you get good at this and get the experience. I can say it’s pretty relieving feeling when your dating life isn’t dependent of alcohol. This also saves a lot of money.

Walk around and take a look at how’s the crowd there. If there is a ratio of 90:10 guys to women, just change the bar to another where is more women. I may try to pick up these few first, but it’ll probably go nowhere. Sometimes I had succeed to pull on cases where there were mostly guys, but that’s rare, so I prefer places where are more opportunities.

2. Approach

After wandering around and realizing a good possibilities of women you would be attracted to, start cold approaching immediately. This way you get on the mood and outgoing vibe, and won’t just stuck in the table. Don’t be concerned about ”warming up”, but have a goal on the very first approach that you will fuck her.

There are nights when I have been luckily on the right place at the right time, and pulled the first girl I approached. Then there are nights when I’ve gone more than 20 approaches, and still didn’t managed to pull. The variance can be a huge, and the factors affecting in it I have wrote earlier in this book.

Where to approach? Good and Bad Places to Approach

Now if you have no idea how to pickup women at bar, neither you know where to approach, these are good places:

  • Smoking room. More quiet and easy to start convos like asking a light.
  • At bar when getting drinks. It’s good place to start convos, and get out easily if it’s not going anywhere.
  • Dancefloor.
  • Quiet spots (These rarely appear in nightclubs)

Not as good places:

  • Women sitting at table. 3 is a good amount. If they are just 2 of them, you need to entertainment her friend so she won’t cockblock you. Sometimes though it’s okay for her friend if you are just 3 of you there to have all the time with you and her. 3 Women is better, as now they have 2 of them still left to hang out each other and you can have all the time with the woman you are Seducing.

Bad places:

  • People having their own inside social circle. Usually bunch of guys and girls who are only together and don’t socialize none out of their circle. Not only if you are trying to seduce girl from this kind of group, usually her (Friendzoned) guy friends comes jealousy and try to cockblock you. Avoid these, so you don’t waste time.

How to open Conversation and keep it going?

Earlier I used to mass approach and go for inside groups I mentioned above, even I knew it wouldn’t go anywhere.

It was back then just training to get rid of approach anxiety and expand my comfort zone.

Now I only approach these who I know I would have chances, like not jumping on those inside circles.

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8 Replies to “How to Pickup Women at Bar/NightClubs?”

  1. I like your style for going straight to the point and skipping useless games. I’ve never went bar alone, but now after reading your book I’m actually interested. There were good points in book but I’m still confused how to get courage to start this all? If you can give some tips I would appreciate

    1. Thanks! I highly recommend for going bar alone, I have had some of the best nights when going solo. Actually I have atm a project for making that book more detailed and it will include what you were confused about, but I have a lot of other things to do so this project is my side hobby and can’t promise when it will be ready. Just saying start it from baby steps, don’t push yourself on the limits right away but slowly build your confidence by firstly going for phonenumbers, then make outs, then lays.

  2. Do you have any type of pointers for creating write-ups?

    That’s where I constantly battle and I just wind up staring empty screen for long time.

    1. Hello Terra.

      A good pointers to create an article, I would say write on the paper a bullet points list about your own experiences with the subject you are going to write, the major things. Then break them down into smaller pieces in the article. That’s how I usually write when I get an inspiration. I try to remember the things I did and write about them, trying to mix my own stories and some information on the article. Hopefully this helps!

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