How to start and create Self-Improvement Blog at 2020?

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Are you planning to create Self-Improvement Blog but you have no idea where to start?

I will reveal my tips how to start a blog from scratch as being a Lonewolf.

Lonewolf Entrepreneur…

Meaning you have no contacts, no social media, basically nothing when you start your blog.

This is how I started, and I managed to grow from zero to a decent Self-Improvement website.

Create Self-Improvement Blog – Key to Happiness?

Why You should start your own website:

  • Passive Income. You get paid while you are sleeping. I can say it’s a great feeling when you wake up in the morning and check that you got paid last night.
  • You are escaping Rat Race. Are you tired of dead-end job from 9-5? Starting to make passive income is one key to escape the Rat Race.
  • You Become the Boss of Your Own financial status and time management. Imagine the time you have left after you have escaped completely from the Rat Race?
  • You are the Boss now, by having your own website, and you are ready to create it as great as you like. You don’t take orders from anyone, and You make the orders.
  • Hobby with Great Benefits. If you are like me, whose native language isn’t English, Your English Skills will skyrocket. As I now read my first posts and compare them to the latest posts I have written, there is a huge improvement. Besides that, you will become more productive, and you might learn Programming and Marketing Skills. Beneficial skills you can also use in real life. Also, managing a website is a nice hobby, which is fun to build and its never-ending project. It’s up to your imagination how far you want to take things.
How to create Self-Improvement Blog and make passive income
Retiring at Young Age and Exploring the World… Passive income is the Key.

Where to Start? First Steps to Setting Up Blog

Your Blog should be related to something You have specialized and have decent experience.

Choosing the Topic You have Mastered – First Step to Create Self-Improvement Blog

First question, what are you good at?

In what field you have enough experience to impact and teach people?

  • Fitness and Bodybuilding? Have You hit Gym years, and you have made great gains, and you would like to share your gym tips to people?
  • Have you improved Social Skills? If you have a similar story as me, from a socially anxious guy to a social butterfly, you could share your story and give tips to other people in a similar situation.
  • Success with Dating? Did you went from zero to hero when it comes to Dating?
  • Losing Fat? Were you overweight guy who successfully dropped body fat? There is a huge market for people who wants to read succes stories and tips from these kinds of experiences.
  • Programming? Nowadays, many people have become freelancers by self-learning programming and do projects from home. In this area, there are endless topics to teach people.
  • Something else?

As you see, the first thing is to choose the topic where you successfully made it. People love Zero to Hero Stories. You can became a role model and author.

Now, take a paper and a pen.

Sit down in couch or some other place where you feel comfortable.

Start thinking what could be your Niche and Topic.

The Endless Possibilities…

It can be either one or many, but I prefer starting from one niche. You can expand your blog always to other niches. I did it like this:

  1. My journey from Kissless Virgin to Player was one of the best achievements I have made in my life. I wanted to share my tips to people how I managed to do this without wingmen, but only going alone to Bars and forcing myself to talk with women until I managed to master the art of seducing.
  2. After I had written enough content related to Getting Laid, I wanted to move to other areas that helps men:
  3. I did start my bodybuilding section afterwards, where I post from time to time some non-mainstream tips, usually training tips you can do at home.
  4. Then I moved to Shyness. I wrote the book Mindset to Beat the Shyness and other posts related to Shyness and Social Anxiety.
  5. Next Move was Martial Arts. As having years of experience, I wanted to tell people why starting to training Martial Arts is one of the best things one can do.
  6. Blogging. Which I am doing now. By having almost 4 years of experience writing a blog, I wanted to tell You my tips.

This is why blogging is a really great way to start Your Journey and Become the Boss of Your Own.

You can start from small and grow it little by little, finally building an Empire.

After selecting Topic and Niche?

Now that you have selected your niche, it’s time to start writing content.

At this moment you dont’ have to go live and publish your blog to the Internet.

You write your Articles/Posts on paper and later write them on computer. Or you can directly write them on computer and copypaste to your blog after you publish it.


If you have no experience with web-development, choose the WordPress.

And remember:

Not but

Choosing the or other free blogging platforms is a huge mistake, because:

  • You don’t own the content. These free platforms have usually terms that they own your content
  • As they hold your content, they can delete all your work for no reason.

That’s why you need to be the Owner of Your own blog.

Your own site = Your Empire

You need Domain.

Domain is the name of your Website, like mine is

Prices of Domains are cheap, they can be from $2-$10/Year. Hosting is little bit higher, depending on company, up to $50/year. Usually they have monthly pay plan and it usually cost $4-$10/month.

But back to Domain, I prefer getting Yours from one of below:

Best source to get Your site published for live

Choosing the Hosting Plan

After You have registered your Domain, it’s time to get the hosting plan. I recommend to choose Bluehost, pricing is proper as well as hosting and support.

After you have successfully registered and paid the hosting plan, one more step is to install WordPress. You can do that on your Admin Panel in the Bluehost. Installing WordPress takes a few minutes, and after that, you are ready to publish your content live to the Internet for People!

You can register and learn more about Bluehost planning here.

Time to Start Turning Your Blog to Empire

You might wonder now, where to find people to read your content?

As going the Lonewolf route and growing your empire from scratch, You need to build some reputation. This reputation is vital especially on the beginning when you create self-improvement blog.

Build Reputation on Your Name

So, good places to share Your name and content:

  • Forums. They are the origin where I got inspired. Before I published my website, I was giving tips to people on forums related to dating. People liked my advice, and I got the inspiration to create my own website related to that niche.

The Key to get noticed in Forums: Don’t spam links to your blog. Give free advice and don’t get a reputation as a self-promoter. Instead, add the link of your blog in your avatar or profile page. This way, people who like your content will look up to your profile and find a link to your blog, and you start building an audience. Optionally, after you have built some reputation, you can start topic on the forum where you tell people that you did create self-improvement blog and check it out if they are interested. This is not spammy when you have been active on forum a while.

Other great platforms:

  • Reddit. Being one of the biggest websites in the Internet, Reddit is another good place to get noticed. They hate self-promotion in Reddit, so make links to your website subtly like you would do in Forums.
  • Youtube. Another great place to build an audience. Create a Youtube account with the name of your blog, it’s your brand now. You can create videos related to your site and then add links in the description. To get viewers, you can link your videos to Forums as well. This way, you get two stones with one bird. More Views and more Visitors to your blog. Furthermore, you can monetize your Youtube channel with ads and start creating another source of passive income.
  • Quora. This site has lately started to become more and more popular. It’s a website where people are trying to find answers to questions. Then other people who are experts in the area, helps with the best possible answer. So Quora is a little bit different from Forums, as you can put links to your site in your answers, BUT your answer must be good quality and not spammy. Spam answers are a good way to get strikes and ban. Avoid them like the plague.

Example, Don’t answer:

  • ”Hi, read my post, it will reveal answer to your question completely.”


  • Write big answer, it can be hundreds of words long. In the end you can put link related to that answer, like: ”If you are interested more, check this article, it contains more information.”

Social Media? Not in Lonewolf Route

As I have no Social Media (For these Reasons), I can’t give advice on how you can build an audience from Facebook or Instagram.

They can be good sources to get viewed, but this is Lonewolf route, and Social Media is off the limits.

Ideas. How to write good content that has impact on People?

If you have no idea how to write an article, I can tell you a right formula how to create a good article that attracts visitors and SEO (Your content will be found easier in the Google search):

Title and the Huge Impact it can have on your Blog Article

The Title of your article is vital when it comes to readers. That’s the first thing they see. So make sure it’s something that people want to read. Example:

  • Bad: ”Building huge chest muscles”
  • Good: ”How to Build Huge Chest? Ultimate Guide”

As You see, adding the Question on your title is really eye cathing and more tempting. Besides that, add something like:

  • Complete Guide
  • Ultimate Guide
  • 10 Best Exercises to Build Massive Chest
  • 15 Secret Ways to Get Huge Chest

The title should either contain a question or number list, or both. These kinds of titles are the ones that attract people to jump on your content.

Excellent Formula of Structure for High Quality Content

After the topic, have an impressive starting. Example:

  • Bad: ”Hello, I tell you in this article how you can build massive chest easily”
  • Good: ”Are you ready to gain Massive Chest? Keep Reading”

A question is always a good way to start the article. It gives the reader reason to keep reading your post, as you are offering him or her answer on something he/she is looking for.

After this is time to start writing the influential post that makes the reader want to read more.

7 Tips to make Impressive Article:

  • Tell Stories. People love to hear stories they can relate to. When you share your own experiences, even on sensitive topics, you are creating more trust in readers. Bragging is not good. Even I have done that by telling stories of my success with women. But I always add there the point that it wasn’t always like that and I say ”I don’t want to brag but motivate you”, which is true. I want to share my success with the reader so he can get motivation by being in the same situation I used to be.

Better stories are stories of Failures. Many people like to see other’s failures. This reduces their insecurity as they see others have things worse. This also adds the aspect of the reader wanting to read furthermore and see if the failure story turns into a success story.

  • Add Lists. Either number or bullet-point lists. This makes reading more easier. Some readers are busy and only look for the main points of the article. By adding splitting your information into a list instead of a big post, you are more likely to get more readers. Example:
    • Bad: ”In this article, I will reveal 10 secret techniques to work chest. First is ….”
    • Good: ”10 Secret Techniques to Build Chest:” and then you split those in the list.

I originally never used list. It was a crucial lesson to start changing my style to these lists and give major points of the article to the reader.

Importance of Images

  • Pictures and Images. Another mistake I did, I never used images. And I rarely still do that, but I have tried to put more images in my articles. There is a phsychological reason why articles with images are more likely to be readen than one’s without. That’s why Newspapers add pictures in every article. You should do this from the beginning, don’t follow my mistakes but add image/s on your very first blog article.
  • Use a lot of Titles and sub-titles. On my first posts, I only had the main title, and that’s all. It makes reading much more less enjoyable when there is no structure. Now I add lots of sub-titles, so the reader can easily skip the non-interesting parts and go for the interesting stuff.
  • Keep it simple and go straight for the point. The reader craves a quick solution to the problem. By keeping the content simple and going straight to the point, the reader gets what he/she is looking for.
  • Keep the paragraphs short. Don’t write a huge text monster that hurts eyes to even quickly checking it. Instead, make them short. Even one sentence and then spacing for a new paragraph. Example:
    • Bad: ”This article is about [500 words here]
    • Good: “This article is about xxx [Spacing. Next sentence and spacing until 500 words are beatifully modified]
  • Videos? If you did create a video related to the article, link the Youtube video to the top or bottom of the article. Not in the middle, as readers don’t want to pause the reading by watching the video in the middle of the article. WordPress automatically makes a thumbnail of your Youtube video in the article.

These points are vital to create an attractive article. The difference between my old and new articles is like day and night. I should rewrite and modify my old ones because their structure is horrible and hard to read.

So again, don’t follow my mistakes of the past so you can have attractive content from the beginning.

Copycatting – Best way to Ruin Your Way to Create Self-Improvement Blog

Important Notice:

Do not copy other people content. Reasons:

  • Copycat is the best way to ruin your reputation in the longterm. If people realize that you have not written the content by yourself but copied it from another blog, you will be seen as a scammer, and this hurts bad your authority. It can even kill your authority and reputation forever.
  • You can get banned from Google search. If the author finds that you stole his/her content, he can report to Google about copycatting, and your site will be on Google ban list, meaning people won’t find it from Google search. This is a terrible situation when you are not getting new visitors from Google anymore.
  • Your writing skills won’t develop. Even if you are bad at writing (As I was when I started), you will learn in time your own, impactful style to write that your audience wants to read. This creates your Reputation, Name, and Authority. People want to read your content because they love your unique style of writing. Imagine it like drawing or signing: Every artist has their unique style that attracts people to follow the work.

Conclusion on Mastering Your journey to create Self-Improvement Blog

I will update this guide as soon as I get more important points that you should know when you are starting your Self-Improvement blog from the Scratch, like a Lonewolf.

Below are some excellent and inspirational books that I recommend to check if you have even a little bit of inspiration to create self-improvement blog and start making passive income:

Think and Grow Rich ~ By Napoleon Hill

When you create Self-Improvement Blog, this book is must read.

This Master Piece was instantly my favorite book after reading it. Not only it teaches you legit mindset how to actually become successful and make money, it is also really good read when you feel down or depressed. The principles in this book will change your life. And in good way. I highly recommend to take a read on this, you can get it from Amazon here.

5 Days Weekend by Garret B. Gunderson

When you create Self-Improvement Blog, you want to make passive income. This book reveals you ways to create passive income.

Are you ready to leave the Rat Race and 5-9 Dead End Job?

5 Days Weekend is a must read book then!

This book is not those scammy “Become Millionaire in 3 Months” pieces, but legit advice how to build multiple streams of passive income. It teaches you a longterm plan to become financially free and escape the Rat Race.

You can get this book from Amazon here.

Monk Mode by Victor Pride

This book doesn’t teach you financial plans or how to create successful self-improvement blog.

This book teaches you how to Get Motivated for real and how you can become more productive and get shit done in one day more than you ever had before.

The Monk Mode is a program, and if you follow it, you will gain success, I can promise that. Victor tells in this program how much people miss their precious time normally when they work, and how you can take advance of this by spending that time and energy for becoming entrepreneur, example making money on your blog. If you are feeling lazy and not motivated, Monk Mode puts you in the state where almost get cheat mode to life. Warning: This Program is really hard but the prize is huge if you can make it, like Victor says in the book: “First 2 weeks of Monk Mode is torture, then it becomes a bless”.

You can get Monk Mode here.

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