How Your Fighting Skills Helps with your Confidence and Success With Women

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Have you ever thought when you have approached woman that some Douchebag will appear and try to put you down?

If this kind of fear has prevented you from taking action hopefully, this article makes you sense how vital self-defense and fighting skills are for confidence. The confidence to stand for yourself and one important step to learn idgaf attitude. Or if you have ever thought that do women like fighting and aggressive guys, this article tells you the truth about that.

Connection Between your Fighting Skills and Confidence

First I will tell you story from my past. The time I started to learn Martial Arts after getting beaten up and how it helped me later in life tremendously.

Storytime. My Past from being Scared kid to Courageous.

As you know, my history of being really shy since childhood, there were also other factors that made me more insecure.

I did grow in a suburb where there was lots of alcohol and drug problems. These problems with adults reflected directly to kids in that suburb and its elementary school. There were lots of kids whose parents had an alcohol problem, leading these kids to become those ”badboys” in the school.

The ones who tried to start fight with everyone and bullied the weak ones.

This kind of uncertainty lead me more insecure as I had to always fear when they would target me as a shy and quiet kid.

The Day I got beaten down.

Then one day, it happened.

This kind of bully took target over me. He attacked on me, I tried to defense myself, but I got my ass beaten badly.

I was crying and full of fear.

But this was not a bad and traumatic experience in the longterm.

Later I decided that I don’t want to experience that again.

So I started Martial Arts as a self-defense insurance.

People were laughing at me when they heard that I started training them. They told me that I would never learn how to fight.

Payback time.

I was so motivated when I started training Martial Arts.

In the training sessions, I was training like beast, even I was a kid. At home, I continued self-training about what I had learned at the gym.

Back then, I had no computer as a kid, so that I couldn’t find advice from the Internet related to the topic.

I got some books with training material which I did read and tried to learn from them. But the best way to learn was to go to actual training sessions with real professional to mentor me.

One year later, I had improved a lot.

Then I met the ones who did laugh at me one year ago and said that I would never become anything.

I showed them some techniques, and their jaw dropped.

That moment was one of the best feelings I had ever experienced in life back then.

Extremely Helpful Lesson for Life:

This was the lesson of my life which still reflects almost 20 years later:

Go for Your Goals and don’t let Haters put you down and prevent you from your Goal.

I didn’t took revenge for the guy who had beaten me one year ago.

I learned from the Martial Arts not to go look for fights. The discipline to stand for myself, and only if someone is really trying to attack me, the final thing is to use the skills I had learned to defense myself.

Starting to learn Martial Arts was one of the Best decisions I have ever made as I have stated all the Pros in this Article: “Why You Should Start Training Martial Arts”.

Gaining the Reputation of Guy to not mess with

The punches and kicks I showed to guys granted me a reputation.

Reputation that I am not anymore weak and easy target for bullies.
I didn’t end up in fights because of this.

And I continued training like beast more and more.

As my skills improved and I showed them to new people at school PE classes, I earned more and more reputation with among these people.

This kind of reputation and respect did really raise my self-esteem.

But as you know, my story, I was still a quiet and shy guy until my early 20’s.

This is what I talk about in The Lonewolf Game. About what is the difference being confidence and confident.

The confidence I got from the reputation was something that affected me more in-depth.

It created an invisible protective aura around me—the aura which removed the aspect of the fear of getting beaten up.

This aura was not only constructive for me to survive the lousy environment full of bullies, but also in the later life…

Lessons from the Story how Fighting Skills helps with Confidence

As I earned that reputation, it helped me to focus on peace in studies from elementary school to high school without fear of getting bullied.

This reputation was also a status thing, and it made it easier to make new friends back then as everyone wanted to be friends with excellent fighting skills back then.

How Fighting Skills Helps on Success with Women?

But as I have told that there were no girls in my social circle back then, I missed the experience of teen love and became insecure more and more if I ever find a girlfriend.

This is where the ”Aura of Confidence” comes in.

When I started my journey to beat the shyness and find a girlfriend, this confidence was really, really helpful. If you haven’t read my transformation story from Shy Guy to Player, you can read it here.

It didn’t magically boost my social skills.

What it did, was:
  • The aspect of aggressive boyfriend trying to hit me if I approached random girl was completely removed. I didn’t even think about that possibility, as I was so confident with my skills that if someone was trying to attack me, I could put him down.
  • I wasn’t either afraid of envy haters at bars who will attack guys who are successful with girls. You know the guys who don’t get pussy and want to beat down those who get.
  • When talking to women, I had balls to be more arrogant (the badboy type teasing which women love), as I knew if I accidentally offended someone, I didn’t need to be afraid of if she asks some of his guy friend to beat me.

The confidence from having great fighting skills did really have a huge impact on my learning curve.

Do Women like Fighting?

This depends highly on individual women. There are the types that love aggressive guys and seeing guy beating another guy makes her wet.

Then there are types that hate all kind of violence.

But in deep down, do this kind of caveman behavior make them subconsciously attracted to aggressive guys because of the evolution?

Going back in history, he best warriors were the best fathers and protectors for children and family.

To not make this evolution biology article, shortly: Women who say they hate violence, I have seen some of them fell love with aggressive guys who end up in street fight from time to time.

Conclusion about do Women like Fighting :

Badboys are Attractive for mostly all kinds of Women. Not only those who live in bad areas and see violence from day to day. Also, rich and successful women might fell love in badboys. I am not going to list stories, but you must have read those news about criminals getting shit tons of letters to prison from women who want to marry them.

Conclusion: How Fighting Skills Boost Your Confidence and Success with Women

When You know that you can stand for yourself and you have great fighting skills, You will:

  • Learn more easily ”How to not give a Fuck” attitude.
  • Lose the fear of envy guys trying to come at you when you talk with women
  • Not anymore afraid of possibly aggressive boyfriend
  • Gain lots of Discipline and losing the possible insecurity that you need to show people you can fight. After you have trained years of Martial Arts, you gain this confidence that you don’t need to prove to other men that you are a tough guy.
  • You can earn respect and reputation among other men, and this can boost your status in social circles. If you have women in your social circle, this kind of status will definitely have an impact on your attractiveness. 
  • It is easier to make new friends with guys, and therefore you get new possibilities to access new women. When you meet new people and make new friends, you access in new social circles where there might be women.

The Final Conclusion is:

Starting Martial Arts might be the best decision you can make. Not only it helps you to build this confidence and success with women, but it also earns you the Discipline that helps you in every aspect of life.

And don’t look for Fights. Violence is stupid. By training Martial Arts, you are less likely to end up in these. Or if someone attacks you, you know how to defend yourself.

And do Women like Fighting and does Fighting Skills Helps your Success with Women?

Depends on woman, but as I said, many women love badboys. By having a great skills of Fighting Skills you get one more step to Become Alpha Male.

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