Huge List of Working and non-Working Supplements

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Are supplements scam or legit? Below is my experience after years of testing tens of different supplements.

Most Supplements are Scam and Sucks. Some are Legit though….

Disclaimer: I’m not a doctor or nutritionist. This post is only informational purposes only and not a medical advice.  You should always consult with your doctor when you are using supplements. 

So here is a list of supplements I’ve tried and what I found working and what not. Just sharing my experiences what I found good and what useless. Will update this list as I can’t remember right now all of the supplements I’ve tried, or when I’m testing new ones.

Note that people’s brain chemistry is different and everyone will react differently on the supplements.

 Maca powder

  • Great libido boost
  • Harder lifts in gym and more energy
  • More energy overall

Mucuna Pruriens

  • Working. Testosterone booster, harder lifts in gym and more horny. Read more here.

Valerian Root

  • Not working. Very minimal sedating effects and stomach pain. Not worth it.


  • Sedating effects and great cure for nausea


  • Sedating effects. Best to take with coffee for maximizing the good effects of coffee and reducing the bad side effects. 


  • With bad brand, no effects. Waste of money
  • Good brands works when you are in deficiency, example binge drinking hard and alcohol clearing your natural vitamin resources, causing a worse hangover. Minimize a hangover a little bit.


  • Wilder dreams, specially when taking with zinc.
  • Helps with caffeine induced shaking.


  • More energy, more horny and bigger loads. Don’t overdo, over doses are neurotoxic!

Vitamin C

  • Helps for reducing bloated face. 

Vitamin E

  • Didn’t notice any difference.

Mega doses of Vitamin B6

  • Not any significant changes. Should be help with mood and depression, but didn’t notice any. Also lowers prolactin levels when taking huge doses, but so do mucuna pruriens which effects I can notice.
  • Overdoses of b6 can cause nervous damage if taken prolonged time, so not safe even it’s water soluble.

Vitamin B12

  • Not any significant difference.

Vitamin A

  • Getting better tan when eating this a few weeks before going to tanning.

Vitamin D

  • Not any significant changes, unless deficiency. Then it boosts mood and energy.


  • Nothing. Waste of money.

Fish Oil

  • Helps with mood and depression.

Rhodiola Rosea

  • Energy boost
  • Mood boost
  • Harder lifts in gym.
  • Less anxiety
  • Reduces depression
  • Helps to last longer in bed

My favorite supplement, read my whole review here.


  • Harder erections


  • Harder erections


  • Higher energy levels
  • Mood boost
  • Prevents hangover when taken few hours before drinking

Read my prolonged review here.


  • 50/50 if it helps with sleep. Sometimes works, sometimes not.

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