Is a Beard More Attractive to Women or Not?

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If you haven’t yet tried gaming with beard, I highly recommend to give it a try. With my own experience (even I still can’t grow completely full beard), the difference is like between day and night.

First when I started to get success on dating life, I always thought that beard would make me less attractive. Like girls would think that beard is gross. How wrong I used to be (it was before beards had come trend). Because I hasn’t ever tried to grow a beard and I got on that time some of my first success, I was safely on my comfort zone and didn’t want to try anything new. Always had that same haircut and clean shaven. I ran huge numbers game on that time, so I didn’t notice the success/fail ratio on my ”game”.

Anyway, at some point I read that men with facial hair are more attractive than ones without. That made me curious and do some research, as I found those studies where was said that stubble is most attractive, then beard and lastly clean shaven.

I wanted to give a try. Just trying if I can growth even some hairs(before beard trend again:D). Stopped shaving, and not long as I had light stubble. Tried to growth more, and realized that I had huge patches, so I shaved off and stayed on stubble. Until I could growth a full beard (which I still cant).

For the results on picking up girls. Let’s say on that winter when I started to keep a stubble, I started to get more results than I had a total in that far. My success/fail ratio skyrocketed, and not on the negative way. But I didn’t take all the benefits out of it, as I had on that time ”super tight game” (I don’t like the term but you got it). I was on godmode, full of confidence, motivation. But I didn’t use it for f@#king as many girls as I could, as I found hot girl I started to date. My first girlfriend, little off topic, but my experiments on clubs with facial hair stopped there. For a while.

Long time since that, I got back to game. And had had that light beard/stubble all the time. As my ”game” had gotten worse on that time, I wanted to try again with clean shaven. And that night wasn’t good. So many rejections I can’t remember. Felt like they had lost respect on me as I had no facial hair and I wasn’t on the same super social mood I used to be in past. So I grew it back. And went back to the field, now again without game. Results where much better. More IOS, more success.

So it will definitely make a difference on some guys. And replace ”game”.
Making you more attractive, you can get away with lot of effort. Makeup for guys as it’s been said. Some guys would say that it’ll only attract older ladies, but with my own experience, I have f@#ked lot of girls 18-20 WITH facial hair. So it’s also attractive for them.


No more my own experiences, but more like pseudoscience that would make sense. Like on nature, females are attracted to high testosterone males. And beard is sign of great testosterone levels. So women may unconsciously be attracted to them. Same as guys respect more guys with beards, as they may find them threatning on subconscious level. Beard is sign of manliness, and that is ATTRACTIVE.

How to grow a beard or make it thicker?

As you may have made a research and looking for answer how to make beard a thicker, you’ve probably found the common answers like ”It’s all about your genes”, or the common basic natural testosterone boost tip: ”Lift, have clean diet and sleep enough”.

I’m not saying that genes won’t have anything to do with beard, as they have high impact on it. BUT beard growth can be boosted and make thicker to some point with few methods. Some of these fellow steps I have tried, and other haven’t but have read that they will affect on it.

-Mucuna pruriens (testosterone booster). As said on top, boosting naturally testosterone may boost beard growth. I started to supplement with this, and started to notice some new hairs growing on my cheek on short period of time(one week periods max, then take a break and again cycling max week). So I think this will definitely make a beard thicker. I just hasn’t done it for long periods of time (for health reasons), so I cant say how much it would effect on beard growth on long term.

-Honey on patches (Wont work). I read that applying honey to patches would make hairs growth, and tried it for few months, but didn’t notice difference, so I stopped it. Myth.

-Melatonin2 (Haven’t tried). Don’t know if it would make beard thicker, but I’ve read some reports people saying it would make hairs darker (not sure if temporarily or permanent)

-Anabolic steroids (Haven’t tried). As said earlier, testosterone have a role on beard growth, and steroids will skyrocket testosterone levels. I’ve seen some dudes going on gear and starting to grow a beards, so this will make sense. But as I wanna be natural (atleast this far), I’m not going to say anything about them without experience. Won’t recommend.

-Minoxidil (Haven’t tried). This is what I have many times to be attempted to buy and try to get fuller beard, but never done as I’ve been scared of side effects. There are reports people saying that they have had permanent hairs with this. But this have known to have aging effects and causing wrinkles. So growing a beard for a looks reasons, there need to deliberate cons and pros. Getting a beard may increase looks, but getting pre aging and wrinkles would decrease it, so I wouldn’t do this method, even it would be effective.


Growing a beard/stubble was game changer for me. A lot more success with it. If you haven’t tried it, give it a try. If you get worse results, you can always shave it, but doubt it. I’ts not only niche for some type of girls, but overall makes a guy more attractive (trend or not).

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